Nancy Drew #7 Ghost Dogs Of Moon Lake Walkthrough

In Nancy Drew #7 Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake, Sally McDonald, a friend of a friend of Nancy’s, writes Nancy asking for her help at her house in Moon Lake, Pennsylvania. The house was built in the 20’s and is in the middle of a national forest. When Nancy arrives, Sally is gone and there’s a note on the door from Sally saying she couldn’t bare another night in that house. Apparently, dogs have been attacking the house every night, the dogs of the house’s original owner Mickey Malone. Have his dogs actually come back from the dead to get Sally to leave or is someone trying to scare Sally off?

The game opens with Nancy inside Sally’s house. Once you take a step in any direction, the phone rings. It’s Sally. She tells Nancy she’s sorry for abandoning Nancy, but she couldn’t stand another night in the house. She tries to convince Nancy to leave any way possible, but a tree fell behind Nancy’s car when she pulled in at Sally’s and it’s pitch black outside. Then, because this is 2002 and everyone has crappy cell phone service, Sally phone starts to cut in and out. All we can make out are a few words now and then…something about dogs…before the call is dropped.

After you’ve finished you’re conversation with Sally, you’ll hear this strange “whoooooo” noise. Go out the front door and meet Red Knott. He will tell you about Sally, Jeff Akers (the park ranger), and Malone and his dogs. Towards the end of your conversation with Knott, you’ll start to hear the dogs howl. He tells you to get back in the house.


Once in the house, the dogs will start attacking the house. When the attack is over, go up the stairs and set the clock for A.M.

Now that it’s daytime, and there aren’t dogs trying to kill us, let’s look around Sally’s/Malone’s house.

Coming down the stairs, there’s a plaque on the right. It’s a poem. Nancy will read the poem.


Next to the plaque is the side door to the house. Then, there is a small dining table. Go close up to the red cooler and take the water bottle. Also, read the note next to the cooler.

2017-05-20 (1)2017-05-20 (2)2017-05-20 (3)2017-05-20 (4)

Continue over to the sink area.

2017-05-20 (5)

Check inside the sink and pick up the rubber gloves.

2017-05-20 (6)2017-05-20 (7)

Next, look at the cabinet above the sink.

2017-05-20 (8)

Notice the note about getting the well water tested…Sally seems to leave herself a lot of notes.

2017-05-20 (9)

Check inside the cabinet.

2017-05-20 (10)

There is a map of the woods next to the house…

2017-05-20 (11)

…and a flashlight. I’m sure we will need that at some point.

2017-05-20 (12)

To the left of the sink is the note Sally left for Nancy on the front door.

2017-05-20 (13)2017-05-20 (14)

Continue around the room to the phone. There’s a note next to it.

2017-05-20 (16)

It says “Check out squeaking. Mice?!” Where could the mice be? Let’s call Sally back since we didn’t get to finish our conversation with her yesterday. Exhaust all conversation with her. She will tell you about the dog attacks and all the people she’s met in Moon Lake.

2017-05-20 (17)

Once you’re done talking with Sally, check out the cabinet above the couch.

2017-05-20 (18)2017-05-20 (19)

There’s four dog statues, all with their backs facing Nancy.

2017-05-20 (20)

They move! Except the Iggy statue. It’s stuck and we will need sand paper to fix it…who around here might have sand paper?

2017-05-20 (21)2017-05-20 (22)2017-05-20 (23)

Continue around the room to the clock to the right of the front door. It looks like a coo-coo clock.

2017-05-20 (24)

Click on the clock hands and they will move.

2017-05-20 (25)

It’s a doggy clock! At 2, 4, 8, and 11, one of the doors will open and a dog will bark.

2017-05-20 (26)2017-05-20 (27)

Finally, check out the space under the window to the left of the front door. There is a note on the wall, but DO NOT step up close to it. The floorboards are rotten. We will need to find something to fix them with.

2017-05-20 (65)2017-05-20 (66)

Let’s look around outside. Step out the front door and go to the right.

2017-05-20 (29)

Follow the path to the tree ladder. This must be Red’s observation platform he was telling Nancy about.

2017-05-20 (30)

Doesn’t look like he’s here now.

2017-05-20 (31)

Back at the front door, go forward.

2017-05-20 (28)2017-05-20 (32)

Here is Sally’s boat she was telling Nancy about.

2017-05-20 (33)

It’s full of water. We need to find something to bail the water out with.

2017-05-20 (35)

Back at the front door, go left.

2017-05-20 (36)

You can either go left or forward. Let’s go forward first.

2017-05-20 (37)

There is an old tool shed. Let’s see if there’s anything useful in here.

2017-05-20 (39)

Go up to the shelves.

2017-05-20 (41)

Behind the iron is a key. Take the key.

2017-05-20 (42)

On the right is an old, locked trunk. There’s probably something useful in there.

2017-05-20 (43)

Unlock the trunk with the key we just found.

2017-05-20 (44)2017-05-20 (45)

Darn! The key broke off in the lock! We will need to find another way to the get trunk open.

2017-05-20 (46)2017-05-20 (47)

Back at the fork, go left. This brings you to the side of the house.

2017-05-20 (38)

Check out the well pump.

2017-05-20 (48)

There are paw prints all around it! There’s also a bucket! We can use that to bail out the boat!

2017-05-20 (49)2017-05-20 (50)

Go back to the boat. Look at the water inside the boat. With the bucket selected, click on the water until all the water is gone.

2017-05-20 (51)

There’s a screwdriver at the bottom. Maybe we can use this to open the trunk in the shed.

2017-05-20 (52)

Before you leave the boat, let’s check out the motor to make sure it will run correctly.

2017-05-20 (53)

Oh dang! The spark plug is missing. I wonder who will have one of those.

2017-05-20 (54)

Go back to the shed. Let’s get that trunk open.

2017-05-20 (55)2017-05-20 (56)2017-05-20 (57)

Take the gas mask and the hammer and nails. We can use the hammer and nails to fix the floorboards in the house. We just need to find some boards…

2017-05-20 (58)2017-05-20 (59)
Go back to the side of the house. There is a cellar door…which means there’s a cellar, but how do we get in it? Of course, the door is locked from the inside.

2017-05-20 (61)2017-05-20 (62)

There’s a blue tarp covering something(s). Wonder what’s under there…let’s look.

2017-05-20 (63)

Just some junk…there’s is one good looking board though. Take the board.

2017-05-20 (64)

Now, go back to the water pump and go right. This is the entrance to the woods.

2017-05-20 (60)

Right after you walk into the woods, there is another board on a stump. Take the board.

2017-05-20 (67)

Let’s find the cemetery. The directions to the cemetery are: L, R, R, L, L, R, R, L, R, L, L, L, R, L, L, R, R, L, R, R, L. Feel free to explore more of the woods than just the way to the cemetery though. Things you find now will come in handy later on.

2017-05-20 (68)

In the cemetery, we can look at the Waldo Mathias headstone,

2017-05-20 (75)

The third board we need to fix the floor in the house.

2017-05-20 (69)

The markers of Malone’s four dogs. Here are Vitus and Xander…

2017-05-20 (70)

…and here’s Iggy and Lucy.

2017-05-20 (71)

We can also check out Malone’s mausoleum. There are paw prints on it! You can look inside, but there’s nothing to do in there.

2017-05-20 (72)2017-05-20 (73)2017-05-20 (74)

Look at your map. Notice Nancy has written in anything interesting you found on the trails in the woods.

2017-05-20 (76)

Let’s head back to the house now. Let’s call Sally first. Exhaust all conversation with her. She tell you how to get a spark plug for the boat, about the poem, dog statues and clock, and about the cemetery. Now, let’s fix the floor.

Look closely at the rotten spot on the floor.

2017-05-20 (77)

Place the three boards we found and nail them in place.

2017-05-20 (78)2017-05-20 (79)2017-05-20 (80)2017-05-20 (81)2017-05-20 (82)

Now, we can walk here without falling through. Let’s see what this note from Sally says…”Rotten floorboards! Watch you step!” Well I’m sure glad we didn’t try to walk here before we fixed it!

2017-05-20 (83)

Now, we need to talk to Red Knott about a spark plug. Sally mentioned she’s only seen him at night so let’s take a nap and wake up in the P.M. Go up the stairs and set the time for P.M.

2017-05-20 (84)

Go to Red’s observation platform. Exhaust all conversation with him. Ask him about a spark plug. He will give you a spark plug, but in exchange he will ask you to take pictures of bird for him. He will give you the spark plug, a digital camera, and a tape with the bird calls on them. We need to go to Em’s Emporium to get his tape player to listen to the bird calls. Now, go back to the house and go up the stairs. Set the time for A.M.

Let’s try to fix the boat so we can explore the rest of Moon Lake. Go to the boat and open the motor. Look inside the lid first. This tells us where the screws need to be for the boat to run. + is up, O is middle, and – is down.


First, put the spark plug into the hole.

2017-05-21 (1)

Next, with the screwdriver selected, check each screw for correct placement.

2017-05-21 (2)

The top left screw needs to be all the way up. It is correct.

2017-05-21 (3)

The bottom left screw needs to be all the way down.

2017-05-21 (4)

The top right screw needs to be in the middle.

2017-05-21 (5)

The bottom right screw needs to be all the way up.

2017-05-21 (6)

Now, we should be able to use the boat. Make sure you always have the life jacket in your inventory before you go anywhere in the boat.

2017-05-21 (7)

We can travel to Em’s Emporium and the Moon Lake Ranger Station. Let’s go to Em’s first.

2017-05-21 (8)2017-05-21 (9)

Meet Emily Griffen, owner of Em’s Emporium. Exhaust all conversation with her. She’ll tell you about all the antiques she’s found in the lake from the Prohibition days, how Jeff Akers, the park ranger, made it illegal to dig things out of the lake and how he wants Moon Lake to become a huge tourist attraction so he can write more tickets. Nancy will ask her about buying sandpaper. She will tell you Red bought up all the sandpaper, so I guess we will have to go pay him a visit again. Has anyone else ever wonder why Nancy goes places without any money? Like if I went on vacation (case-solving or otherwise), I’d bring money. I wouldn’t just assume I’d be able to rely on the kindness of other to let me do favors/chores in exchange for stuff.

2017-05-21 (11)

When you’re done talking with Emily, you can look around her store. There’s not much to see though. There’s the live bait cooler…

2017-05-21 (12)2017-05-21 (13)2017-05-21 (14)2017-05-21 (15)

And some pictures and things hanging on the walls…

2017-05-21 (16)2017-05-21 (17)2017-05-21 (18)2017-05-21 (19)

Now, let’s head to the ranger station.

2017-05-21 (20)

Meet Jeff Akers. Exhaust all conversation with him. He doesn’t really like the fact that Nancy asks a lot of questions. He also doesn’t like that Moon Lake has a bit of bad history because of Mickey Malone. He will give you the well water testing kit. We just need to fill up the vile with water and bring it back to him. Let’s look around the station.

2017-05-21 (22)

In the main room where Jeff Akers is, there’s a poster about poison ivy and some flyers about different illness common with the wildlife in Moon Lake and a flyer about forest fire prevention.

2017-05-21 (23)2017-05-21 (24)2017-05-21 (25)2017-05-21 (26)2017-05-21 (27)2017-05-21 (28)2017-05-21 (29)2017-05-21 (30)2017-05-21 (31)2017-05-21 (32)2017-05-21 (33)

There’s posters about Moon Lake State Park and the three main activities people do in Moon Lake State Park.

2017-05-21 (34)2017-05-21 (35)2017-05-21 (36)2017-05-21 (37)2017-05-21 (38)2017-05-21 (39)

There’s a large poster showing some of the plants and wildlife you will see in Moon Lake State Park.

2017-05-21 (40)2017-05-21 (41)2017-05-21 (42)2017-05-21 (43)

There’s a poster about how to identify how old a tree is.

2017-05-21 (44)2017-05-21 (45)2017-05-21 (46)

In the smaller room with the computer in it, there’s a box will some files in it.

2017-05-21 (47)

There a computer with a ton of information on it.

2017-05-21 (48)

There’s a “Health & Safety Tips” section

2017-05-21 (49)

A “History of Moon Lake” section

2017-05-21 (50)

A “Creation of Moon Lake State Park” section. Notice Jeff Akers wrote a section on himself.

2017-05-21 (51)

A “Nature Slideshow” section

2017-05-21 (52)

and a “Park Regulations” section

2017-05-21 (53)

On the wall is a big poster about the Civilian Conservation Corps

2017-05-21 (54)2017-05-21 (55)2017-05-21 (56)2017-05-21 (57)

There’s a display with what looks like old artifacts in it

2017-05-21 (58)

And above the display is a bunch of old black and white photos

2017-05-21 (59)2017-05-21 (60)2017-05-21 (61)2017-05-21 (62)2017-05-21 (63)2017-05-21 (64)

Please notice the names on this one…Francis Bacon Grits and Zelda Strawberry

2017-05-21 (65)2017-05-21 (66)2017-05-21 (67)2017-05-21 (68)2017-05-21 (69)

Let’s head back to the house and get that water sample. Place the bucket on the grate.

2017-05-21 (70)

Take the bottle of water from your inventory and pour it into the top of the pump.

2017-05-21 (71)2017-05-21 (72)

Then click the handle. It will pump a few times and then water will come out into the bucket.

2017-05-21 (73)

Click on the bucket of water with the vile and put the vile back into your inventory. DO NOT do anything with the bucket of water. Leave it there.

2017-05-21 (74)

Let’s listen to those bird calls. Click on the tape player in your inventory. Then, click the tape and put it into the tape player. Click play.

2017-05-21 (75)2017-05-21 (76)

Let’s head back to the ranger station and give Akers our water sample. Talk to Akers and tell him you have the sample. He will take it and send it off for you.

2017-05-21 (77)

Notice there is a dog that wasn’t there before. Talk to Akers again about the dog.

2017-05-21 (78)

Let’s go back to the house and try to get some of these bird pictures for Red. You will get pictures of 3 birds, 2 will fly away and the hawk is no where to be seen.

2017-05-21 (79)2017-05-21 (80)2017-05-21 (81)2017-05-21 (82)2017-05-21 (83)2017-05-21 (84)2017-05-21 (85)2017-05-21 (86)2017-05-21 (87)

Let’s go back to the house, take a nap, and then go talk to Red. Tell Red you are having problems finding birds. He’ll tell you to go to Em’s and get some camo. He’ll also give you the sandpaper you need. Go back to the house and sleep until the A.M.

Use the sandpaper on the stuck Iggy statue above the couch. Now they all move!

2017-05-21 (89)2017-05-21 (90)2017-05-21 (91)

Okay, now we need to go to Em’s Emporium to get that camo and the ranger station to see if the results of the water test have come in. At Em’s, she’ll tell you she’s got the camo we need, but she wants us to get some critters for her before she’ll give us the camo. She’ll give you a box to keep the critters in. Now go to the ranger station and ask about the test. Akers says he meant to call about it today, but he’s too busy. He’ll ask you to put the envelopes in the box by the computer in order to help him out.

This puzzle looks difficult, but you only actually move about four envelopes.

2017-05-21 (92)2017-05-21 (94)

Once you have the envelopes in order you can read what’s inside some of them.2017-05-21 (95)2017-05-21 (96)2017-05-21 (97)2017-05-21 (98)2017-05-21 (99)2017-05-21 (100)2017-05-21 (101)2017-05-21 (102)2017-05-21 (103)2017-05-21 (104)2017-05-21 (105)2017-05-21 (106)2017-05-21 (107)2017-05-21 (108)2017-05-21 (109)2017-05-21 (110)2017-05-21 (111)

Go back and talk to Akers, tell him you’ve finished organizing the envelopes. He’ll give you a junior ranger pin for your help…how nice…

2017-05-21 (112)

Let’s head back to the house and solve the dog statue puzzle. Each dog is associated with a season and an animal according to the poem on the wall. If you hadn’t noticed before, the wallpaper on each wall in the house has a different animal from the poem on it. So, to solve the puzzle we need to figure out which dog goes with which animal, and point that dog’s statue to the correct wall.

2017-05-21 (113).png

It opened a door under the stairs! Go through the secret door and down the stairs. You will come to another door. There’s a picture on the door, take the picture, then go through the door.

2017-05-21 (114)

We’re in the cellar! Go to the left wall. There’s a squeaking sound coming from the wall. Click on the square.

2017-05-21 (115)

It seems whoever makes up these codes uses bad/unlucky days as the code. The last one was MM pinched. That’s 012932

2017-05-21 (116)2017-05-21 (117)

First, unlock the dial by using the pen in the inventory to unlock the “key”

2017-05-21 (118)

Then, rotate the dial to a number and click the small gold button. Then, rotate the dial to the next number and click the button again. Do this for each number.

2017-05-21 (119)2017-05-21 (120)2017-05-21 (121)2017-05-21 (122)2017-05-21 (123)2017-05-21 (124)

Uh oh! There’s deer mice in the safe. We need to be careful!

2017-05-21 (125)

Use the gloves and gas mask in Nancy’s inventory to pick up the journal.

2017-05-21 (126)

This journal was written by William Akers…could he be related to Jeff Akers?

2017-05-21 (127)2017-05-21 (128)2017-05-21 (129)2017-05-21 (130)2017-05-21 (131)2017-05-21 (132)2017-05-21 (133)2017-05-21 (134)2017-05-21 (135)2017-05-21 (136)

On the wall across from the entrance to the cellar is something that looks suspiciously like a secret door.

2017-05-21 (137)

Then, on the right wall is the exit to the outside cellar doors.

2017-05-21 (138)

On the stairs is a news article.

2017-05-21 (139)2017-05-21 (140)2017-05-21 (141)

Once you step outside, you will hear a chirping noise…must be some of those bugs we are supposed to find for Emily. Look under the compass stone under the cellar door and take the worms.

2017-05-21 (142)2017-05-21 (143)

Let’s go look for the rest of those critters. You will get 7 during A.M. and 5 during P.M. I honestly just click around the woods and wait until I see and hear the chirp.

2017-05-21 (144)2017-05-21 (145)2017-05-21 (146)2017-05-21 (148)2017-05-21 (151)2017-05-21 (152)

Okay, let’s go back to the ranger station and ask about William Akers.

2017-05-21 (153)

Talk to Jeff Akers about everything. He will have the result of the water test for you. The water has arsenic in it! Ask him the question about asking about Moon Lake last. You may have to talk to him twice to do this question last. Asking about William Akers will upset him and he will tell you he needs to get back to work. Talk to him a third time and he will apologize for getting upset. Finish out the conversation with him. Let’s go home and sleep until the P.M. and find the rest of those bugs for Emily.

2017-05-21 (154)2017-05-21 (157)2017-05-21 (158)2017-05-21 (159)

There we go…12 “little critters”. I actually had something happen to me that’s never happened before. Just as I was getting back to Malone’s house from looking for the bugs, I heard the dogs howl! That’s never happened before! Anyway, let’s go to bed and go to Em’s and the ranger station in the morning.

When you talk to Emily, you may have to talk to her twice. When I did it, the first time I talked to her we talked about Malone, then I talked to her again and she asked about the bugs. Now let’s go talk to Akers. He found the woman in the picture we found on the cellar door! She’s still alive and he has her phone number. Let’s head back to the house and call her! Talk to her completely. She says if you send her the picture she’ll send you her key to the speakeasy. Head back to the ranger station and give Akers the picture to mail. We’ll come back tomorrow and see if the key is here. Let’s go back to the house and get the rest of those bird photos.

You’ll get the two that would fly away before, but still no hawk. Let’s take a nap and go talk to Red. He says the hawks like the big tree at the southwest of the property. Go back to the house and wake up in the morning.

2017-05-21 (160)2017-05-21 (161)
Head out the front door and down towards the pier. The tree Red was talking about isn’t there anymore. It’s just a stump. You’ll hear the hawk. It’s on the roof…what’s it standing on?

2017-05-21 (162)

Snap the picture. It seems to be standing on some kind of speaker.

2017-05-21 (163)2017-05-21 (164)

After Nancy makes the realization, someone will knock her out. She wakes up in the tool shed and the shed is on fire. Nancy’s arms and legs are tied up. We have to get out of here.

2017-05-21 (165)2017-05-21 (166)2017-05-21 (167)2017-05-21 (168)

First, click on the garden gnome. His head will pop off and land on the jack.

2017-05-21 (169)

Next, click the rake with the rag on it. It will fall to the other side.

2017-05-21 (170)

Next, hit the air tank. The rag will light on fire.

2017-05-21 (171)

Then, hit the rake with the rag again. It will go back to the other side and light the canister on fire.

2017-05-21 (172)

Then, hit the jack with the gnome’s head on it until the shelf raises up and the canister rolls to the other side of the shelf.

2017-05-21 (173)

This will light the ropes holding the scythe and the scythe will fall to the ground. Nancy will cut the ropes holding her hands and feet. We can’t let the shed burn though.

2017-05-21 (174)

Run to the water pump and pick up the bucket of water we left there.

2017-05-21 (175)

Throw the water on the fire on the outside of the shed.

2017-05-21 (176)

Red will run up and ask you what going on. He tells you to come see him later at his observation platform.

2017-05-21 (177)

When you’re finished talking with him, you’ll be in the house on the phone with Sally. Take a nap and wake up in the P.M. Let’s go talk to Red. Notice the gas cans that weren’t there before…very suspicious. Go back to the house and go to sleep. Wake up in the A.M. and go to the ranger station. The key Vivian sent us arrived. Go back to the house and head to the cemetery.

Go to the Waldo Mathias headstone. Notice the keyhole. Use Vivian’s key in the keyhole. You hear the blocks unlock.

2017-05-21 (179)

Change the name Waldo to Baldo. Click on the D twice, the W twice, the U twice, the E twice, and the U twice. Once you’ve changed the name, the grave will open and turn into stairs. Walk down the stairs. Oh darn, the flashlight died! Turn around, go forward twice, turn left, then find the lever towards the top of the screen. Guess we better talk to Emily about some batteries.

2017-05-21 (180)

Emily says to get the batteries, we have to do something for her first. She wants us to make a picture out of the Combo Cola cans. She give you the picture. It’s a smiling fish.

2017-05-21 (182)2017-05-21 (181)

Here’s the before…

2017-05-21 (183)

…and here’s the finished product. To me, the easiest way to do this puzzle is to look at the picture and go rectangle by rectangle starting on the left and working my way down each column. So, when you look at the picture, the top left rectangle is green, yellow, purple, green yellow, yellow. That one is in the correct place. Then go down to the next one. It’s green, orange, yellow, green orange, yellow….and so on.

2017-05-21 (184)

Go talk to Emily and tell her you’ve finished the task. She will give you the batteries. Go back to the house and head back to the cemetery.

Use the key and change Waldo to Baldo again. When you get to the fork, take the path on the left. We’ve found the speakeasy!

2017-05-21 (185)

Let’s take a look around…lots of dog related things.

2017-05-21 (186)

Vivian already told us Iggy like to sit on the porch. Notice Iggy’s collar is yellow.

2017-05-21 (187)2017-05-21 (189)2017-05-21 (190)2017-05-21 (188)

We can’t tell what Xander used to do. His picture is too damaged. His collar is red.

2017-05-21 (191)

Go up to the roulette spinner and click the red button.

2017-05-21 (192)2017-05-21 (193)

Lucy used to spend time on the shipwreck. Her collar is green.

2017-05-21 (195)

Nancy will update the map from William Akers’ journal with Lucy’s spot.

2017-05-21 (196)2017-05-21 (197)

Vitus used to bark at the hawks in the tree that isn’t there anymore. His collar is blue.

2017-05-21 (198)

Nancy will update the map again.

2017-05-21 (200)

Time for the spigot puzzle. We unlocked this puzzle with the button on the roulette table. The spigots correspond to the colors of the dogs’ collars. Red = X (for Xander), Blue = V (for Vitus), Yellow = I (for Iggy), Green = L (for Lucy). Pull the red spigot, then click the red button. Repeat two more times. Pull the blue spigot, then click the red button. Repeat two more times. Pull the yellow spigot, then click the red button. Repeat two more times. Pull the green spigot, then click the red button. Repeat two more times.

2017-05-21 (202)

Here is the secret door we came through.

2017-05-21 (201)

Here is the secret door that opens in the cellar.

2017-05-21 (203)

Let’s go check out the new secret passage we opened when we solved the spigot puzzle. In the new tunnel, you’ll see the pictures of the dogs from the speakeasy, but done in tiles. Maybe we can figure out where Xander spent time! And we can..he spent time playing at the well pump.

2017-05-21 (204)

Next, look at the blue and green tiles pictures…they look like…land and water. Find the one that matches the dog map we found in William Akers’ journal. Click the four tiles that match where the four dogs played.

2017-05-21 (205)2017-05-21 (206)

Two doors will open. The tile puzzle door leads to another locked door. Go out the tile puzzle door and turn right. Find the cave with the dogs. These must be the “ghost” dogs.

2017-05-21 (207)

Check out the culprit’s work area. Take the key and read the journal.

2017-05-21 (208)2017-05-21 (209)

This seems like a log of stuff found in the lake…who do we know that finds stuff in the lake?

2017-05-21 (210)2017-05-21 (211)2017-05-21 (212)2017-05-21 (213)

“take a flying leap”…who does that sound like?

2017-05-21 (214)2017-05-21 (215)2017-05-21 (216)2017-05-21 (217)2017-05-21 (218)

Go back to the tile puzzle door (you will have to click the four correct tiles again to get the door to open). Go to the locked door and use the key we just picked up. You’ll come to a water tank.

2017-05-21 (219)

The water level is up, we need to get it down, but one of the wheels is missing.

2017-05-21 (220)2017-05-21 (221)

Face the door we just entered, the wheel is on the ground on the left.

2017-05-21 (222)

Replace the wheel and use the screwdriver in Nancy’s inventory to secure the wheel.

2017-05-21 (223)2017-05-21 (225)

There are three wheels you can turn. First, turn the far left wheel. Then, turn the far right wheel. Finally, turn the wheel with the screwdriver. The water level should drop all the way down. Take the screwdriver and the wheel. Then, come to the big water tank door. Turn the larger wheel first, then click the smaller wheel.

2017-05-21 (226)2017-05-21 (227)

Go down the ladder.

2017-05-21 (228)

And come to another puzzle…
This puzzle can be solved by remembering the collar for each dog and what we learned about Roman numerals. Green is Lucy, L in Roman numerals is 50. Red is Xander, X in Roman numerals is 10. Blue is Vitus, V in Roman numerals is 05. Yellow is Iggy, I in Roman numerals in 01.

2017-05-21 (229)

Once you’ve completed the puzzle, a post for the wheel will appear. Attached the wheel and turn it. The door will open.

2017-05-21 (231)2017-05-21 (232)

The gold! As you walk back out the door to leave, the culprit will appear!

2017-05-21 (233)

When you’re finished talking to the culprit, go back into the room with the gold and close the door.

2017-05-21 (234)

There is a grate in the floor. Go down the grate.

2017-05-21 (235)

Drop down into the tunnel and go up the other grate.

2017-05-21 (236)

You will come up behind the culprit, who is now in the room with the gold. Close the door on the culprit and go up the ladder.

2017-05-21 (237)2017-05-21 (238)

Great mystery solving detectives…on to the next!



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