Nancy Drew #6 Secret Of The Scarlet Hand Walkthrough

In Nancy Drew #6 The Secret of the Scarlet Hand, Nancy is taking some time off (yeah, right) from case solving to be the deputy curator at the Beech Hill Museum in Washington D.C. The museum is closed at the moment to prepare for their new Mayan exhibit. For this exhibit, the museum has acquired a jade carving of the famous Mayan king, Pacal and a huge stone monolith. Just as Nancy is getting settled in, the jade Pacal carving is stolen and a scary red hand print is left in its place! Of course, Nancy is asked to investigate. During her investigation, Nancy finds other jade carvings in other parts of the world that have also been stolen and a red hand print was left at the crime scenes. Are these thefts connected? If so, what do the thieves want with all these jade carvings?

The game begins in a cut scene. Nancy is with Joanna Riggs, our new boss, on the museum floor. She is telling Nancy about the Pacal craving. The scene fades and we are in Joanna’s office. Finish talking to Joanna. She tells you there is a list of tasks for you to complete on your desk.


Let’s explore on our way to our desk. Starting to the left of where Joanna stands is a bookcase with a few pottery pieces and statues displayed. Nothing helpful here, but you can look at the two large statues.


Continuing left around the room is a small table with some magazines on it.


Click on the top magazine and read the article about Prudence Rutherford.


When you click to turn the magazine back to the first page to close the magazine, Nancy will zoom in on a section of the article and say “Topeka Commission for the Arts… how cultured!” This information will be useful to us later.


Continuing left around the room, to the left of the door, is a large picture hanging on the wall.


It’s a picture of The Great Plaza of Tikal in Guatemala.


Continuing on, to the left of that, are some of Joanna’s degrees and awards.


Okay, we are done here for now. Head out into the lobby of the museum.


When you exit Joanna’s office, walk up to the front of the desk. Click the pamphlet on the left.


It’s a map of the museum. You can’t take it with you, but it will be here if you need it.


Now, go around to the back of the desk.


Click on the drawer on the right.


Open the drawer and lift up the money tray. Take one of the cards.


Turn around and try to open the headphones cabinet. The knob is missing. Maybe we will run across one later.


Come out from behind the desk.


Go up to Joanna’s door and look at the plaque on the right.


The bottom section of the plaque is what we are interested in. Click on it. Notice it is for the Topeka Commission for the Arts, the same group mentioned in the article about Prudence Rutherford we just read.


Now, face the exit door and go to the left of the door.


Notice a piece of paper on the left hand side of the bench.


Pick up the piece of paper.


This looks important.


Let’s continue on through the museum.


In the main hall of the museum, look at the exhibits and all the artifacts in each exhibit.


Once you’ve look at all the exhibits inside the museum, go out to the garden section of the museum.


Look at all the artifacts along the path. In the center of the garden is the monolith. When you go up close to the monolith, you will hear footsteps come up behind you.


Back away from the monolith and meet Taylor Sinclair. He says he’s worried about Beech Hill and asks you to meet him at his office to talk more.


Once you’ve finished talking to Sinclair, look at the other three sides of the monolith. Nancy will make comments about two of the sides.


Continue on the path. On this stone bench is a small stone tile. Pick up the tile.


Once back inside, go up the stairs of the temple.


We don’t need to anything in here yet, except take this pottery piece inside the bowl on the left.


Come back down the stairs and go into the “Employees Only” door.


Once you enter the employees only door, click on the door on the right.


Inside the Laboratory room, to the right of the door when you walk in, is Nancy’s desk.


On her desk, is a clipboard with the list of tasks Joanna needs us to finish.


We need to re-assemble the piece of pottery at the work station in this room, take the amendment to the monolith loan agreement to Alejandro del Rio, order office supplies, fix the museum narrations, and fix the Maya numbering exhibit.


Next to the phone, is a list of phone numbers the museum uses often.


Click on the drawers on the left side of Nancy’s desk.


Open the top drawer.


First, we see the missing cabinet knob. Take the knob.


Then, there’s a notebook.


Property of Sonny Joon…I wonder who that is?


Read Sonny’s notes.


Finally, in the desk drawer, is a ton of KoKo Kringle.


Continuing around the room, there’s a periodic table on the wall.


Continuing around the room, there is a mold marker,


A Spectro X Analyzer,


A Henrik van der Hune,


Talk to Henrik completely.


A pottery repair work station,


A HAM radio,


And Henrik’s desk.


On Henrik’s desk, read the HAM radio manual,


And look at the Chaco Canyon Cultural Center business card.


Leave the laboratory and go across the hall to the shipping and receiving room.


First, there’s the Convomatic AutoNarrator. This is what we will use to fix the narrations in the museum.


Continuing into the first section of boxes, there’s a light gray box on a high shelf.


This box is locked with a passcode. You can look at other boxes in the section, but this is the only box we need.


Coming out of the first section of boxes, there’s a work table.


The only thing to look at here is a clipboard with a list of packages the museum recently received. Notice the passcode locked box (1113) is a jade piece.


Continue to the other side of the room, there’s a large box with Sonny’s Stuff on it.


Inside the box, there’s a piece of pottery,


And a floppy disk.


Go back into the laboratory and go to the pottery work station. We’ve already found the two missing pottery pieces, so now we can put the pottery together.


Here’s the finished product.


Go back to the task clipboard and cross out the pottery task. Now, let’s order the office supplies.


Look at the phone list next to the telephone on Nancy’s desk. Silvio’s Curatorial Bonanza sell supplies. Their number is 555-9963. Call Silvio. He (angrily) tells you Beech Hill has outstanding bills with his company and he will not be taking anymore orders from them until the bills are paid. Talk to Henrik. He won’t comment on the bills, but tells you to consider this task completed. Go back to the task list and cross out the order supplies task.


Now, let’s take the loan agreement to del Rio. While we’re out, we can go to Sinclair’s office and go to Nancy’s hotel to check out Sonny’s floppy disk.

Head to the exit of Beech Hill. When you click on the door, you will be taken to the metro.


Right now, we have four places we can visit. A fifth place will be added later in the game. Let’s go to the Mexican consulate first.


Enter the Mexican Consulate.


When you enter the Consulate, there’s a small table. Nothing too interesting, but you can read a pamphlet on the table.


Talk to Alejandro del Rio completely.


Give him the loan agreement. He will tell you he needs to go talk to Joanna later and will return the agreement to her then.


Exit the Mexican Consulate and head to Sinclair’s office.


Enter Sinclair’s office.


Talk to Sinclair completely.


He will point out a new piece of art he is selling by the artist Poppy Dada.


Once you’ve finished talking to Sinclair, head to Nancy’s hotel.


Enter Nancy’s hotel room. The only things of interest in here are the desk, the telephone, and the alarm clock.


Go up to Nancy’s laptop and insert Sonny’s floppy disk.


Then click the screen on Nancy’s laptop.


Click the first icon on Nancy’s computer. It’s Nancy notes about this case. She will continue to update these notes as the case continues. Notice the note about Chaco Canyon’s telephone number. Nancy notes that all the phone numbers begin with 555 and says that is strange. Did Nancy just break the fourth wall?


Now click the floppy disk icon. Of course, we need a password. Hmm…what is Sonny’s all time favorite thing in the whole wide world?


Oh…I know!


There are four different sections. Stuff to do, Stuff to remember, Stuff to forget, and Stuff to work on.

Stuff to do has notes about the narration task we need to do. It looks like Sonny has already figured out most of the narrations. We only need to figure out A, C, D, G, and J.


In stuff to remember, Sonny has notes about the Mayan numbering task.


In stuff to forget, there’s notes about the temple quizzes that we will have to do later in the game. Sonny’s notes say there is a Level 2 quiz question that he cannot find the answer to in the museum.


He also says that he made up a question for the Level 3 quiz that Henrik hates. That means the answer probably isn’t anywhere in the museum either.


In stuff to work on, there’s notes about his dissertation.


Once you’ve finished looking through Sonny’s notes, go to Nancy’s phone and call Franklin Rose. There won’t be much to talk with him about yet.


Okay, let’s head back to the museum and work on the remaining tasks. When you enter the museum, go behind the desk in the lobby to the headphone cabinet. Take the cabinet knob from Nancy’s inventory and put it on the cabinet handle.


Click the handle a second time and open the cabinet.


Take the headphones.


Go to the Mayan number display in the Language section of the museum. We are missing one number tile. Where did we see some tiles in the museum?


Go to the “Who Were the Maya” section of the museum.


Go to the display on the left side and open the display.


Take the tile on the right.


Go back to the numbering display. Here is the correct order for the tiles.


Go back to the lab and cross out the loan agreement task and the numbering task.


Head back out of the laboratory to work on the narration task.

Joanna bursts through the door and tell you the Pacal carving has been stolen!


The screen will fade to black with the sounds of sirens playing. When the screen comes back up, you are standing in front of the shattered display case with the red hand print in it.


Go talk to Joanna. She tells you if you want to play detective you are welcome to. Go back to the shattered display of the Pacal carving.


Take the paper with the red hand print on it.


Now let’s finish the narration task. Go to the shipping and receiving room to the AutoNarrator.


Click the first section and open the first narration box.


The boxes are in alphabetical order, so we need to change the numbers to match the letters.


You can click the green play button in the middle to listen to the narration that matches the number showing.


Here’s the answer:
A – 5               I – 3
B – 8               J – 13
C – 14             K – 12
D – 7              L – 4
E – 1               M – 2
F – 6               N – 10
G – 9              O – 11
H – 15

Once you’ve correctly labeled each narration, Nancy will say it looks like it’s in order.


Now, go back to the laboratory. Hmm…where’s Henrik? Oh well, let’s snoop at his desk.


The only thing we haven’t looked at is his desk drawers. Of course, it’s locked.


Go to Nancy’s desk and look at the task clipboard. Cross out the narration task.


Henrik has left us a note. He wants us to check all the temple activities and make sure all the answers are in the museum.


Joanna wanted us to analyze the red hand print to see what it’s made of. Go to the Spectro X Analyzer. Flip the switch at the bottom right.


Click on the sliding hatch on the left.


Put the paper with the hand print on it inside the analyzer. Close the hatch.


Go up to the screen and click start.


Nancy will talk about what the analyzer does.


Click the compare button.


Then, use the arrows to go through the possible compound matches.


When you’ve found the matching compound, click the green match button.


The computer will tell you the compound is HgS. Click exit.


Then, go to the periodic table on the wall. Hg is Mercury.


And S is sulfur.


Pull back and Nancy will say the hand print is made from mercury and sulfur.


Go back and talk to Joanna. She will tell you that compound is cinnabar. She also says Henrik orders cinnabar, but the museum has been out for a few months because there’s been a hold up with the supplier. Go back to the laboratory and look at the phone list on Nancy’s desk. Keep It Real Restorations sells cinnabar. Talk to Mack about the museum’s order. He says Beech Hill placed an order last week and it was picked up at the warehouse by someone with the initials J.R. He also tells Nancy cinnabar is toxic.

Let’s start working on the task Henrik gave us. Go up the temple steps. There are three activities on the first level. The first is the Bul game. Go up to the computer and put the card you got from under the money drawer in the lobby into the card reader under the computer.


Click on the computer screen and the “Bul, The Game” screen will appear. Click play against the computer.


Then, click start.


You are orange. The point of the game is to roll the dice and try to land directly on top of the blue guy and take his life. You have to take his four lives before he takes your four lives to win.


You get two rolls per turn. You have to roll the first time, then the second time you can either roll or pass.


The next temple activity is a matching game.


Go up to the card reader and insert your key card into the reader.


You can find all the answer to this activity in the museum or you can just click until you match them all.


Here’s the answers going down each column:
1. nineteen          4. ink
2. road                  5. north
3. black                 6. throne


Go to the final computer. It’s a quiz. Click the quiz button.


Here is the first question. Let’s go look around the museum to see if we can find the answer.


Head outside around the path and then back into the museum. What’s that sound?


Oh no! Henrik has fallen down the temple stairs!


The screen fades to black with the sound of the ambulance taking Henrik to the hospital. When the screens returns, we are in Nancy’s hotel room talking to Bess and George. Head back to the museum. Talk to Joanna, then go to Nancy’s desk. Pick up the phone and see that we have voicemail. One is from Franklin Rose and one is from Nurse Bluefoot, Henrik’s nurse. Call them both back.

Let’s go visit Henrik. Exit the museum and see that we have a new destination on our map.


Poor Henrik.


Talk to him completely. Nancy will say sometimes she’s going to bring Henrik pictures.


Go over to Henrik’s reality board and put the red hand print on the board, then finish talking to Henrik.


Once we are finished talking with Henrik, Nurse Bluefoot will come in and ask us to come back tomorrow.


While we’re out let’s make the rounds and visit everyone. At Sinclair’s office, ask him for a picture of the Pacal carving. At the Mexican Consulate, talk to del Rio completely. Go back to the museum. Go into Joanna’s office. Hmm…where is she?


Go to Nancy’s desk. There’s a note from Joanna.


Joanna’s note says the police have taken her down to the station for “further questioning”. Call Franklin Rose.


Let’s go back to visit Henrik (If it is after 4pm or there’s a note on Henrik’s door, go to Nancy’s hotel and set the alarm for 10am, then go back to the hospital). Put the photo of the Pacal carving on Henrik’s reality board. This will trigger his memory a bit. He will give Nancy a key.


Go back to the museum and go to Henrik’s desk. Use the key on the top drawer.


Take the ZEA disk in the top drawer.


Then use the key to open the bottom drawer.


Click the first paper sticking out of the files.


It’s part of his translation notes. Take the paper.


Then, take the brown book sticking out the files.


Nancy comments we need to find someone who speaks Nahuatl. Who do we know that speaks Nahuatl.


Go back into the drawer and click on the papers sticking out of the files towards the back.


These seem to be notes about a trip he took with someone named “Big Bunny”. I wonder who that is?


Go to Nancy’s hotel. Go to the laptop and insert the ZEA disk into the ZEA reader.


Of course, there’s a password.


Go to the hospital. Henrik is asleep. Put the translation notes on this reality board.


Go to the Mexican Consulate. Talk to del Rio about Nahuatl. He wants a favor in return for the translation. He is convinced the Pacal documents are falsified. We have to provide him with the Provenance documents for the Pacal carving, then he will give you the word you need.

Go back to the museum and into Joanna’s office. You can look at the spot where Joanna usually stands. Nothing of interest here, but you can look in the microscope.


Look on Joanna’s desk and see the original copy of the list from the shipping and receiving room.


Then, look in the desk drawer.


Take the silver key.


Pull back from the desk and go to the filing cabinets.


Click on the filing drawer.


Click on the file label Pacal Provenance.


Read through the files and take the files.


Go back to del Rio at the Mexican Consulate. Give him the documents and he will tell you the Nahuatl word for snake is COATL.


Go back to the hospital and talk with Henrik (If it is after 4pm or there’s a note on Henrik’s door, go to Nancy’s hotel and set the alarm for 10am, then go back to the hospital). See that he has added a piece of paper to the reality board. It’s got the glyph that was on his ZEA disk on it. The password to his disk is: stone.


Go back to Nancy’s hotel and go to Henrik’s disk. Enter the password. (Excuse the volume display on this picture)


Read all the notes on Henrik’s disk.


In Henrik’s notes, he was starting to make the connection with the theft of the jade pieces.


Let’s make some phone calls. First, call Chaco Canyon. Their number is 1-505-555-1222. Talk to Sheila. Then, call Franklin Rose. Talk to him about Prudence Rutherford. He will give you her phone number. It’s 1-785-555-7279. Finally, call Henry Daddle. His phone number is 1-605-555-3195. He will tell you to call his daughter, Penelope, at 1-605-555-3197.

Turns out, Penelope is Poppy Dada, the artist Sinclair was telling us about. She tells us she put the jade carving in art piece of art with the rubber shark in it. That’s the one in Sinclair’s office now. She also calls him “Big Bunny”…interesting. She says you can take the jade carving, but you have to replace it with something.

Go to Sinclair’s office. Ask him for one of the cookies he offered you earlier. Talk to him again and ask to see Poppy’s painting. He will leave the room. Take the cookie from Nancy’s inventory and replace the jade carving with the cookie.


Let’s go back to the museum and finish the temple quiz first. Go up the temple stairs and to the quiz computer. Here are the answers:
1. Palenque
2. Lady Zac Kuk
3. Tzolkin
4. Itzamna
5. Quiche

Go back to the laboratory and go to the HAM radio. Flip the switch to turn the radio on. The radio tube goes out! We need to find a replacement.


Go to the side of the HAM radio and open the panel.


Take the blown radio tube.


Go to the museum floor, to the display with the HAM radio in it. Unlock the display with the silver key from Joanna’s desk.


Click on the HAM radio and go to the side panel.


Open the side panel and take one of the radio tubes.


Go back to the HAM radio in the laboratory and put the new radio tube in.


Turn the HAM radio on. You should hear static.


Use the blue number buttons to put the radio on channel 2731, then click connect.


First, enter COATL in Morse code. C is -.-., O is —, A is .-, T is -, and L is .-..

Then, enter LECHE in Morse code. L is .-.., E is ., C is -.-., H is …., and E is .

Then, turn the radio off.


Okay, let’s finish these temple activities. Go to Level 1 door and slide your key card in the card reader. Head down the stairs to the second level.


One the second level, there’s a projector. If you press the red button, a video about the Maya will play.


The first activity is the “basketball” shooting game.


Here’s the answers: 1. 4High, 2. 3Medium, 3. 5Medium, 4. 6Low


The next activity is the maze puzzle.


The game is offline so you have to use Sonny’s login and password to get to it. The login is: sjoon, spacebaby


The final activity is the quiz. The quiz answers are:
1. Lady Xoc
2. Bicephalic
3. huipil
4. prominent nobleman
5. Atanzahab


Then, go to the door that leads to the third level. Take your key card and slide it through the card reader.


On Level 3, there are three activities. First, is another matching game (I didn’t get a closer picture of this one).

Here are the answers:
1. Jaguar          6. War
2. Wind           7. Rain
3. Death          8. Sun
4. Travelers    9. Corn
5. Moon


Second, is the calendar puzzle.


Here’s the answer:


Finally, is the quiz. This is the quiz that Sonny made up. Read the quiz question. Only Henrik knows the answer to this question. Hopefully he can remember it.


Exit the temple by going back up through the temple. Let’s go check shipping and receiving to see if we’ve gotten any packages.


To open the box, make all the eyes crossed.


Go to the hospital and talk to Henrik (If it is after 4pm or there’s a note on Henrik’s door, go to Nancy’s hotel and set the alarm for 10am, then go back to the hospital). He remembers where he put the Pacal and the answer to Sonny’s question.

Go back to the museum and down to the final quiz. The answer is: coatimundi.


Go to the replica Pacal tomb and slide your card through the card reader. Move the mask and open the mouth of the skull. The Pacal carving is inside. Take the carving.


Back away from the tomb and take the glow stick.


Go to the door next to the quiz computer and use the key card to open it. Use the glow stick to navigate through the dark hallway into the garden.


Go to Nancy’s hotel. Call Franklin Rose and tell him the Pacal is safe. He says he will call Joanna and invite her back to the museum. Then, call Prudence Rutherford. She says she will send you the replica of the necklace with the jade carving the insurance company sent her. Finally, call Shelia at Chaco Canyon. Tell her you really need to see the carving the was stolen. She says she will rack her brain and ask around to her team to see if they can come up with an idea. Hang up the phone, then call her back. She is going to send you the container the piece was held in.

Go back to the museum and check shipping and receiving for more packages. We have the one from Prudence Rutherford now.


Go to Joanna’s office. She’s back! She asks you to open the passcode locked box. The code is: 0677.


Check for the last package. It’s from Sheila at Chaco Canyon.


We can use this foam casing that the carving was held in to make a mold of the carving.


Take the foam container to the mold maker in the laboratory by the periodic table. Put the foam core on the mat under the nozzle.


Click the nozzle twice. The second click will lower the nozzle into the hole of the foam core and inject the molding material.


Once the material has been injected. Click on the foam core and take the mold.


Now we have all the pieces! Go over to the pottery work station to put the key together. My tip is to find the correct position for the top piece, then place all the other pieces.


Here’s what the key looks like when it’s finished.


Now, time for the monolith puzzle. We are in home stretch. Go to the display in the main hall with the calendar rings. Unlock the display with the silver key from Joanna’s desk and take the two calendar rings.


Go immediately to the monolith and place the calendar rings.


The larger calendar ring needs to be on this symbol:


Then, turn the smaller ring until it is in the correct position (the number 6)

The first key hole will open. Turn the key to this picture, then click the picture to insert the key.


The second key hole will open. Turn the key to this picture, then click the picture to insert the key.


The third key hole will open. Turn the key to this picture, then click the picture to insert the key.


The fourth key hole will open. Turn the key to this picture, then click the picture to insert the key.


The monolith will open! Inside is the scribe and her manuscript.


Go up to the scribe and take the manuscript. It’s blank!


The bad guy comes up behind you. Complete the conversation with them. They will lock you in the monolith with the scribe.


When the door closes you are facing the exit. Take out the glow stick so you can see. Turn around twice to face the scribe. There is something in her mouth. Click on her mouth and take the stone square.


Turn to the right once.


Move your mouse to the top right of the screen and find the face with the missing square.


Click on the face so it will stay lit and insert the stone square we got from the scribe’s mouth. Hear a stone move.


Turn to the right twice. Look down and find the actual manuscript. Also take the flower behind the manuscript.


Turn left once and find the face missing the eye.


Click the face so it will stay lit and insert the flower we got behind the manuscript.


The monolith door will open and the three non-culprits will be there to greet you (were they just standing their the whole time knowing Nancy was suffocating in there?).

Great mystery solving detectives! On to the next case…

Note: this is the first game with a preview for the next game before the credits roll.


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