Nancy Drew #5 The Final Scene Walkthrough

In Nancy Drew #5 The Final Scene, you are visiting your friend, Maya, in St. Louis She is a journalist for her college newspaper. A play called Vanishing Destiny is running at a local theater called The Royal Palladium, which is set to be demolished in 3 days. Vanishing Destiny features a big star, Brady Armstrong and Maya has gotten an interview with him. When Maya goes in to do her interview, she screams! Nancy runs in to see what’s wrong, but Maya is gone! The kidnapper calls Nancy and tells Nancy he has kidnapped Maya and if the demolition isn’t stopped, Maya will go down with the building!

(Note: This is one of my least favorite Nancy Drew games, and I have played 1-26 except 25. Just thought I’d put that out there)

You start The Final Scene backstage at The Royal Palladium Theater with Maya before her interview with Brady Armstrong.


Maya says she will meet Nancy in the lobby and goes into the dressing room for the interview. As Nancy turns to go to the lobby, Maya screams! Enter the men’s dressing room. Maya is gone!


When you enter the dressing room, the phone will ring. It’s the kidnapper! He says that if the theater is knocked down, Maya will go down with the building. After you hang up the phone, the phone rings again. It’s Joe, the caretaker of the theater. Tell him about Maya and he will tell you to check the secret passage in the dressing room and he will make sure the exits are locked.


While you’re on the phone, Brady Armstrong enters. He thinks you’re a fan. What a butt. Explain the situation to him and he will offer to help you look.


To get to the secret passage, go to this black and white picture above the sink in the men’s dressing room.


Pull the lever.


Go to the rack of clothes on the other side of the room.


Pull the clothes back and click on the wall.


Follow the passageway around to the end and click on the door.


You are now in the women’s dressing room, where Brady’s agent, Simone is talking on the phone. You try to explain the situation to her, but she doesn’t really care. You can’t really talk to her right now.


Go out to the lobby and up the stairs to the projection room. Meet Joe, the caretaker. He tells you to use the phone in the ticket booth to call the police.


This list of phone numbers is on the wall next to the phone. You can either dial the police department number, or you can dial 911.


When you get off the phone with Sergeant Ramsey, meet Nicholas Falcone in the lobby.


Go back to Joe and talk to him completely. Now, let’s explore the theater. Let’s explore the projection room while we’re here. On the table on our right is a slide to pick up and a manual for the projector we need to read.


At the back of the manual is a place where a key for the projector used to be.


Next to that table is a cabinet. Take a projector bulb out of the cabinet.


Next, let’s explore the lobby. First, talk to Nicholas Falcone again, then take a look around the lobby. We have an out of service key making machine,


A Brady Armstrong cutout for Vanishing Destiny,


and a game called The Bee’s Knees Jazz Machine.


Head back up the main stairs to the right side balcony seating. Nothing interesting to see on this side.


Now, over to the left side balcony seating.


Go to the end of the balcony and see that part of this decorative stars is missing.


Look over the ledge and see the missing piece. Hmm we need to get that, but we can’t reach it. We’ll have to figure out how to get to that later.


Now into the main theater.


Coming up the center aisle, see a piece of gum stuck to the seat. We could use that, but I’m not picking up someone’s chewed gum with my fingers. We’ll come back to this.


Come back out of the main theater and through the right side curtain into the hallway.


Check out all the things hanging on the walls in the hallway. This picture is J.J. Thompson, the original owner of the theater.


Enter the box in this hallway. Nothing of interest here.


Go back out to the lobby and enter the hallway on the left side. Make sure you look at all the pictures hanging in this hallway too.


Enter the box in this hallway too.


Look down and pick up the quarter.


When you come out of the box, go to this small door on the right. It will take you backstage.


Go into the women’s dressing room. Talk to Simone completely. She wants to turn Maya’s kidnapping into publicity for Brady.


Other than talk to Simone, there’s not much to do in the women’s dressing room. You can look closely at the pile of clutter and see a Her Interactive coffee mug.


And a seriously stopped up sink…gross!


Go back to the backstage area. There’s a large crate on the ground. I wonder if we can move it somehow?


Go into the men’s dressing room and talk to Brady completely. He’s worried he’s losing his hair.


Look around the men’s dressing room. Go close to the vanity table and see there’s a drawer we can get into, but it’s locked. We’ll have to find something to open it with.


Continue around the room to this cabinet. Open it and take the magic wand from the top shelf. I wonder what that could be used for?


Let’s work on moving that crate. When you exit the men’s room, go immediately to the right and see all the ropes.


Click the rope 7 times until you hear a CLUCK!


Go to the crate and click on the hook.


Go back to the ropes and click the rope until it is tied securely in place again.


Notice now that the crate is hanging in the air.


There’s a secret door under the crate!


Enter the secret room and go to the right. Find the safe with the card suit as the combination.


Turn all the suits to spades.


Inside the safe is a box with a puzzle on top. The easiest way to solve this puzzle is to put the woman together first, then do the rest.


This is what is looks like when it’s solved.


Looks like we need two more gears to get the box open. Hmm…where did we see a gear?


Now, go to the other side of the room to the Amazing Monty game machine.


Click play to start up the machine. Click play again to start the game.


The point of the game is to find the ace of spades. Monty will shuffle the three cards and then you have to guess where the ace of spades is.


I never can remember where the ace is the first time, but if you play a second time it’s the right card.


Once you find the ace, you get a prize!


It’s a flash paper trick ring. Maybe this will come in handy later.


Now, go to the main theater. We are going to get that gum off that seat! Use the magic wand to pick up the gum from the seat. The gum with stay attached to the magic wand.


Now, go to the left side balcony and look over the edge. Use the magic wand with the gum to reach the gear.


Now, go talk to Joe. Make sure you talk to him about the key making machine in the lobby that’s out of order. He’ll tell you it shouldn’t be too hard to fix. Once, you’re done talk to Joe, talk to Nicholas. He tells you the real reason he’s so invested in this theater is that his grandmother, Louisa, is the artist that made all the moldings in the theater, but that J.J. Thompson never paid her. Since her name isn’t on any of the artwork and there was apparently no written deal made, there was no way to prove Louisa was the artist and that she never got paid. He’s hoping to find some kind of document that links Louisa to the theater.

Let’s take a break and play some Bee’s Knees. Maybe we’ll win something good. The object of the game is to get the music note circle to the dancing couple without it getting swallowed or running into the music note squares


Here’s how: up, up, right, up, right, up, right, down, down, down, down, right, up, right, right, up, up, right, up, left, up, right.


Take your prize. It’s a gear! Now we have the two gears we need to open the box.


Go back down the secret door under the crate. Go back to the safe and open the puzzle box. (You don’t have to redo the safe puzzle or the puzzle on top of the box). Place the two gears in there places and click the golden knob next to the silver gear.


A drawer will open. Take the key and read the letter.


The letter says that J.J. Thompson gave 50% ownership of the theater to Harry Houdini in lieu of the reward money Thompson promised Houdini if he could do an escape trick that Thompson thought was surely impossible. Houdini did escape from the trick, but Thompson didn’t actually have the money to pay him. Thompson gave Houdini 50% of the theater instead.


Leave the secret room and go to the women’s dressing room. Talk to Simone about being Brady’s agent. Then, go to the lobby and talk to Nicholas. Tell him about the letter you read. This means J.J. Thompson wasn’t the only owner of the theater, which means B. Thompson, J.J.’s relative that is having the theater knocked down, isn’t the only owner of the theater. Houdini’s half of the theater had to be passed on to someone when he died as well. Which means B. Thompson doesn’t have the authority to knock the theater down because someone out there still owns the other half of the theater. He would need to get permission from this other owner before the theater can be knocked down. Nicholas tells you he has a laptop in his van and will research Houdini to see if he can find any living relatives that might know anything.

 While Nicholas is gone, snoop through his stuff.


Not too much to see, just two pamphlets to read.


The first pamphlet is about his activist group H.A.D. I.T.


Inside is a blurb about the group and their contact information.


Click on the next pamphlet.


This pamphlet is specifically about H.A.D. I.T. saving the Royal Palladium Theater.


Inside are contact numbers anyone that wants to help the theater can call and make their claim about saving the theater. Hmm…that county administration number might come in handy.


Just as you’re heading to the ticket booth to use the phone, Joe comes over the intercom and tells you to come to the projection room. Head up the stairs to talk to Joe. Joe has Maya’s press pass! He says Brady found it. This should be enough evidence to get the police involved. Finish talking to Joe, then go down to the ticket booth and call the county administration and the police.


Sergeant Ramsey still doesn’t believe that Maya is missing. He also believes Nancy even less once he hears that she has been dealing with Nicholas Falcone. Once you’re done talking to the police, call the country administrator. Nancy will request the original blue prints for the theater. Wouldn’t you know it…they’re missing. Someone came in a few days ago to look at them and must have walked off with them. He was definitely a male, but was wearing a hat so they aren’t sure what he looks like. “Energetic” is all they can say about him. That could be any of the three men we are interacting with on this case.

Once you step out of the ticket booth, Joe will come up to you and tell you he heard the whole thing and that Nancy should go get some sleep.


Then day two will begin.


When you come into the theater at the start of day two, there is a funeral wreath in the lobby. Read the card.


This is just sick. Someone has purchased a funeral wreath for Maya. It must have been the kidnapper.


First, go upstairs and talk to Joe. There’s a missing persons flier taped to the projection room door.


(This third picture is from the stack of missing person fliers in the ticket booth)


Go inside and talk to Joe. He apologizes that you had to see the funeral wreath downstairs and suspects Simone is behind the missing posters. She wants to turn this whole thing into publicity for Brady, especially if Brady can come out the hero by finding Maya. When you’re done talking to Joe, go to the lobby and talk to Nicholas. You will need to talk to him twice to exhaust all conversation. The second time you talk to him he will tell you he found someone who might know what happened to Houdini’s half of the theater and he’s left their phone number in the ticket booth for you.

Call Eustacia Andropov, she is Houdini’s cousin by marriage. She is very VERY old, but does remember that Houdini owned half of the Royal Palladium before he died. She tells you all of Houdini’s documents were sent to the Library of Congress. She will give you the number of a man named Sherman Trout at the Library of Congress. When you are finished talking to Eustacia, called Sherman Trout. After some persuading, he agrees to look through Houdini’s documents to see if he can find anything useful. If he does, he will send you a slide of the document to the theater.

Leave the ticket booth and talk to Nicholas. Tell him about talking to Eustacia and Sherman Trout and that Trout is supposed to be sending you something in the mail. Then, go talk to Joe. Exhaust all conversation with him. Next, talk to Simone. She tells you about the press conference she is holding soon. Finally, go talk to Brady. Hmm…he’s not here. Let’s snoop. Look at the book he’s been reading.


Nothing too interesting, but when you click on the corner of the paper that’s sticking out of the book, you’ll find a drawing Brady has done that shows how he really feels about Simone.


Go talk to everyone again, even though no one will have anything to say. Go back to Brady’s dressing room and he should be there. Talk to him completely.

Go back out to the lobby and hear the press conference start outside the theater. This means we are completely alone in the theater, so this would be a good time to do some snooping.

We’ve already snooped around Nicholas Falcone’s area, so we don’t have to snoop there again. Let’s start in the projection room.

Look at the mixing table. It looks complicated. I wonder if we’ll have to use this later?


Look at the projector. If you tried to click on the projector while Joe was here, he would ask you not to touch it. Since he’s not here we can touch it now.


Go to the front of the projector.


Place the slide in the slide holder on the front of the projector.


Turn the projector on by filling the switch.


Then, the turn the focus knob until the slide comes into focus.


There’s a place for a key, but we don’t have the key.


Go to the other side of the projector to where Joe usually stands.


Pick up the letter under the newspaper on the table.


The letter says that Joe’s brother actually passed away 6 months ago. Also, the man who wrote the letter said they didn’t contact Joe when Jacob died because no one had any idea he had a brother. Why did Joe say he has a brother in Arizona if his brother passed away. And why did he make it sound like he and his brother we’re best friends that were going to open a theater in Arizona together?


Now, go to the women’s dressing room. Go to the area where Simone usually sits.


Go up to the drawer and click to open it.


Take a bobby pin.


Now, let’s go through Simone’s purse.


First, click the camera.


Click the red power button, then use the yellow + and – buttons to look through the photos on the camera. Notice that in one photo, Maya’s press pass is found in the basement. Then, Simone and Brady staged photos with Maya’s press pass to make it look it was found in the theater.


Now, click on her wallet.


In the top section of Simone’s wallet are business cards.


And a receipt for the funeral wreath. So Simone bought the wreath.


Then, go to the PDA in the bottom section of Simone’s wallet. To open it, click the center button, then each corner button. You can read her schedule for the day and her sent and received emails.

Then, go to Brady’s dressing room. Go to the vanity table.


Use the bobby pin to open the locked drawer.


Read the Stage Technician’s Guide


It tells you how to do one of Houdini’s tricks that leads to a secret room under the theater’s stage. Notice the 121192 written on the first page of the book.


On the way from the dressing room, walk back across the backstage area. Hmm, what’s that falling from the ceiling. Use the upward arrow to look up.


Ahh! A light almost falls on us. The same voice from the phone call right after Maya disappeared talks to Nancy over the P.A. system. That means it’s coming from inside the theater.


Go up to the projection room. To get the trick cages to drop down, first go up to the number pad and type in 121192.


Then, click the left and right fader power buttons.


Then, move the left and right sliders all the way to the bottom.


Click the magnets button.


Then, move the left and right sliders up one notch each.


Then, click the trap doors button.


Then, flip the lock switch.


If you’ve done it correctly, when you back up, all the lights will stay lit.


Then, go to the main theater. Go up onto the stage.


Go around behind one of the trick cages (doesn’t matter which one). And open the cage door.


Get into the cage,


Look down,


Go down the ladder,


And enter the secret room.


Look at the light hanging from the wall.


Look through the hole in the wall.


We’ve never seen that room before. Wait…is that Maya?!


Oh no! Someone locked us in!


This looks like a trap door. Maybe this is our way out!


Go down the stairs and go to the left first.


Find a puzzle, but the pieces don’t move.


Go back to the right. Click the red button.


A very simple elevator will come down. Climb on and click the red button again.


You’ll come up to this trap door. Click it until Joe hears you. He’ll open the door and gives you some spray grease for the puzzle we can’t move.


Take the elevator back down and go to the puzzle. Spray the puzzle with the spray grease. Then you are able to move the pieces. The point of the game is to get the bunny between the wand and the hat on the left side.


Here’s what the pieces look like right before I moved the bunny.


Enter the room where we saw Maya.


Maya isn’t here now, but she was just here!


Before you leave, open this trunk and take the red rubber gloves.


Go out through the coffin shaped secret door.


Now, we’re in the secret room under the crate backstage. But the gate is closed…and someone has hooked up a battery to the gate and electrified it.


Luckily, we have those rubber gloves.


Go up to the keypad with the red gloves and solve this random click puzzle.


When you come up from the secret door, you’ll run it Brady.


When you’re finished talking to him, go to the ticket booth and call Sergeant Ramsey. “This girl is a regular Houdini” Haha, Sergeant Ramsey got jokes.


Once you’re finished talking to Sergeant Ramsey, go talk to Joe. You will need to speak with him twice to exhaust all conversation. Once you leave the projection room, day 3 will start.


You start the third day looking at a newspaper article. Click the article and read about the kidnapper apparently demanding money. There’s something funny about this story.


Pull back from the newspaper. Look next to the phone and see a note from Joseph.


Go talk to Joseph. Exhaust all conversation with him. Go back down to the lobby. Someone has vandalized Brady’s cutout for Vanishing Destiny.

2017-02-13 (155).png

Then, talk to Simone. Confront her about the funeral wreath and tell her you know she sent it. She will admit to buying the wreath, but insists she is not the kidnapper. Finally, talk to Brady. He seems very interested in helping you, and is even protective of you, saying he doesn’t think you should be “hanging around” that Falcone guy.

Once you’re done talking to him, go back to the lobby. See that Joe has fixed the key making machine. Hmm…what key can we make with it?

Go back to Brady’s dressing room. He’s not here, but he’s left a bag on the table. Let’s peek.


Take the pencil…


He’s also got Progain in his bag. He did say he was afraid he was losing his hair,


He’s also got some sunless tanner in here…not surprised,


And he’s got Maya’s notepad! How long has he had this?!


Her notes say she was going to accuse Brady of something at the end of her interview. I wonder what she was going to accuse him of?


When you back away from his bag, Brady will enter the room. Talk to him about having Maya’s journal. He tells you that his real last name is Thompson, as in J.J. Thompson’s relative that now owns the theater. He’s also the one that owns the company that’s knocking down the theater. He wants to put up a Brady Armstrong themed restaurant. Nancy will try to persuade him to call of the demolition, but Brady can’t be moved. He leaves to rally the demolition crew. That means our time is running out.

Go to the lobby and talk to Nicholas. He tells you a package arrived from the Library of Congress. It’s in the ticket booth.


As promised, Trout sent us a file he thinks might be helpful to our case.


Go talk to Nicholas again. He’ll tell you the police are starting to clear the building and that you need to hurry if you’re going to solve this case. He says he’ll cover for you and leaves.

Go up to the projection room to read the slide Trout sent you. If the old slide is still in the slide holder, take it out and put the slide from Trout into the slide holder.


Pull back and flip the power switch. Ugh the bulb blew and we don’t have key to get into the projector to change it. Good thing we have a key maker, but how do we know what key to make?


Go to the projector’s manual, to the page where the key was.


Use your pencil to color over where the key used to be and then you’ll be able to see how the key needs to look.


Go to the key making machine and insert your quarter.


You can choose 4 letters to make up your key.


The letters we need for our key are: S I V O.


Click your letters, then click make key.


Take your key.


Go back to the projection room. Use your key to open the projector.


Once inside the projector, there’s a slide inside. Hmm…take the slide. Once you take the slide you hear the police coming up the stairs to check for people in the building.


Turn around and get into the metal cabinet.


Hide in the cabinet until you hear the police leave the room.


Once they’re gone, go back to the projector, use the key to open it again and change the bulb.


Put the slide back into the slide holder, turn the projector on, and click the focus knob until you can clearly read the letter.


You can click the small window above the soundboard to get a closer look at the letter. It’s a letter to Harry Houdini talking about who he left his half of the theater to…a struggling young artist…who could that be?


Take out the letter slide and put in the slide we got from inside the projector.


Pull back and turn the focus knob. Darn, the focus knob fell off.


Go down under the soundboard. What’s this? There a tape player. Click on the tape player and press play. Where have we heard that before? Push the tape player back and the focus knob will roll from under the table.


The click on the other machine under the soundboard. It’s a voiceswap machine. Is that how the kidnapper was disguising his voice?


Put the focus knob back on the projector and focus the slide.


There’s another secret passageway…inside the projection room. Pull back and turn the projector off.


Turn around and the bad guy enters! Exhaust all conversation with the bad guy and then you will be locked in the projection room.


Notice the socket on the wall next to the door.


Click the socket…


And flip the switch.


Turn to the right and see a ladder has dropped down from the ceiling.


Climb the ladder and come to a door…that’s locked…and we don’t have the key.


Turn around and look to the left. Go over to the safe.


Use the key we got from the puzzle box to open the safe.


There are two letters inside the safe and a bunch of keys. Take all the keys. And (quickly) read the letters. The first letter is from J.J. Thompson saying Houdini has given his half of the theater to an anonymous woman. He’s afraid the public will turn against him if they find out Houdini doesn’t own part of the theater anymore. He says he has the official paperwork for Houdini to give over his half of the theater and he’s going to keep it, at least until The Festival of Illusions is over.


The second set of papers is the paperwork that Louisa Falcone was never able to sign that legally gave her Houdini’s half of the theater.


Take the papers and the keys back to the door and try all the keys until you find the one that opens the door (Unfortunately, you pretty much just have to try them all. All the keys look exactly the same except for slight color differences. I think it’s a pink-ish colored one).

Enter the room and look left. It’s Maya! Go up to the glass and she will see you and ask for help. Pull back and look to the right.


Pick up the sledgehammer and go back to Maya. Hit the glass with the sledgehammer three times and Nancy will say “it’s not working”. We need another plan.


Go forward and look out the window.


It’s the theater marquee. If we can get it to light up, everyone outside will know we are still here.


Follow the wires around the room to the back wall. Just before you get to the power switch, the bad guy steps in your way. Talk to them once, then throw the flash paper trick ring in their face. They will back away and you can flip the power switch.


Someone outside will yell to stop the demolition.


Good mystery solving detectives! On to the next case…


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