Nancy Drew #4 Treasure In The Royal Tower Walkthrough

In Nancy Drew #4 Treasure In The Royal Tower, you are staying at the Wickford Castle Ski Resort. Just after you arrive, a snow storm hits and everyone staying at the castle is snowed in. The castle’s tower originated in France and the man that built the castle, Ezra Wickford, fell in love with tower during his travels and purchased it. You soon learn Marie Antoinette has ties to the tower and may have hidden secrets there.

You start in Nancy’s room at the castle. There is a strange noise in Nancy’s room. We need to find out what that is. Open the drawer on the desk.


Inside the drawer is a card with Nancy’s locker information on it. She is assigned Locker #310 and the combination is 517.


Close the drawer. Take the card on the desk. This is the key to Nancy’s room.


Continuing around the room, there is a magazine on the table. You can read this if you want.


Continuing around the room, go up to the radiator. This is what is making that strange noise. We need to find someone who can fix this for us.


Continuing around the room to the dresser. Inside the top drawer is a hotel menu. Take the menu.


Finally is Nancy’s suitcase. Open the suitcase. Inside is a pamphlet about Wickford Castle Resort.


Leave Nancy’s room and go downstairs to the front desk. Meet Dexter Egan. He’s the caretaker of the castle. Talk to him about everything. If you choose the opening statement about mailing your letter, talk to him twice so you can tell him about your radiator also. He asks you to get Dr. Hotchkiss’s ski boots from Jacques.


On your way to the basement, meet Lisa in the sitting room. Talk to her about everything.


Go passed Lisa to the back hallway and down the back staircase to the basement. Notice that some of the lights in the back stairwell are off.

In the basement, meet Jacques Brunais at the ski rental counter. Talk to him about everything. You may have to talk to him twice to exhaust all possible conversation with him.


While we’re in the basement, let’s check out our locker. Go to locker 310 and enter the combination 517. Hmm…it doesn’t work.


Go back to tell Jacques that you can’t get into your locker. Oh…he’s not there now.


Go up to the door and take the paint brush. We will come back later to resolve our locker problem.


Let’s go take Professor Hotchkiss her boots. She is in room 214. Knock on the door.


She won’t come fully out of the room. Talk to her about everything.


Once you are done talking to her, use the downward arrow to go to the bottom of her door. Leave the boots on the floor in front of her door.


Go back to Dexter. He thanks you for taking Hotchkiss her boots and asks you to check the breaker box in the basement to turn the lights in the back stairwell back on.


Click the top 3 switches in the right column to turn the lights back on.


Now, go back to Dexter and tell him you fixed the breaker. He will ask you to go back to Professor Hotchkiss and ask her what she wants for dinner. When you get to her room, knock on the door. She will tell you she wants couscous for dinner. Go back to Dexter. He says they don’t have couscous and she needs to pick something off the hotel menu. Go back to Hotchkiss. Tell her Dexter said she has to pick something off the hotel menu. She will tell you she doesn’t have a hotel menu and asks you to find one for her. We already have the menu from Nancy’s room in our inventory, so knock on the Professor’s door again. She tells you to slip the menu under the door. When she has placed her order, go back to Dexter.


Dexter asks you to tell Jacques to defrost the chicken legs. While we’re talking to him, make sure you ask about the locker. He says he thinks your locker is actually 311, not 310.


Turns out the combination we have is for 311, but…someone already has stuff in locker 311. Let’s snoop. Looks like a letter, some passports, and some drivers licenses.


Wait…all of these are Lisa! But with  different names and different hair. And the letter is written in Spanish, even though she said she barely passed Spanish. Why would she lie?


 Let’s go talk to Lisa. Make sure you tell her about the locker mix up. She gets a little defensive but says it’s for her work as a photojournalist. But she lies about knowing a foreign language again, even though we saw her letter written in Spanish in her bag.


While we’re in the sitting room, read the two books on the bookcase.


Go back to Nancy’s room. See the Dexter has fixed the radiator and he left an oil can. Maybe this will come in handy later.


Now, let’s go explore the castle. In the basement, the only thing we haven’t really looked at yet is the elevator. You can also talk to Jacques again about the Olympics.


On the main floor is the library. Dexter told us the library is off limits because it was vandalized. What a shame. Maybe we can find another way in.


Also on the first floor, near the library is this wall that looks strangely like the outline of a door. Hmmm…


Then, on the 2nd floor, near Hotchkiss’s room is the circular stone room with a portrait of Marie Antoinette. You can’t really do anything in here, but it’s pretty.


While we’re near Professor Hotchkiss’s room, let’s see if she has anything to say. She will tell you that she has decided you are trustworthy and she needs your help to find a piece of information. She wants the model number of the elevator. Go down to the basement and call the elevator. Get into the elevator and turn around to the door. Look at the gold plaque above the floor buttons. The model number is: 50964.


While we’re here… Turn around so you are facing the back wall of the elevator. Use the upward arrow to look up.


Click on the square.


Click all the way to the top and go through the open vent. We’re in the library!


When you step down from the vent, you will hear the door knob start to jiggle. Get back in the vent and watch Dexter walk around the room for a bit, then leave.


Now that Dexter is gone, let’s look around. We will start to the right of the stairs. First is this table with the book about famous portraits.


Next is the portrait of Marie Antoinette. She sure is showing up a lot in this castle.


Next is this desk below the hole in the wall. Read the book about the atlas


That 90° will come in handy later.


This desk is very dusty. Click on the dust with the paintbrush we have in our inventory. Now there is powder on the brush. Maybe we can use this for something.


Next is the section of bookcases with the ship on it. Read the book on the right.


Next is the alarm. Hmm…what could we do to figure out the alarm code so we can get back in here? The paintbrush maybe?


Click all the keys numeric keys with the paintbrush and you can see which buttons Dexter pressed. The alarm code is 3 * 7 2


Next is the globe. Notice the silver compass at the top moves. Put the compass on 90° and pull the wooden handle.


The globe will open and you’ll get this piece of paper. Hmm…let’s remember those numbers for later.


Go up to the fireplace and click the plaque. The panel will slide up.


This looks like the drawing on the piece of paper from the globe.


Move the needle to -15, then click the green button. Then move the needle to 10 and click the green button. Finally, move the needle to -5 and click the green button. You will hear a door creak open.


Go back up the stairs. This door wasn’t open before. This must be the door we just heard creak open.


This is the first desk we see.


It’s very dark in here. Pick up the lighter and light the candle so we can see. The candle will melt and there will be a key! Take the key.


Next to the candle is an old looking letter.


On the other side of the room is a second desk with two books on it.


One of the books say “When he was good, he was very very good…”


Wait…Dexter Egan is the caretaker of this castle! Apparently he is also Ezra Wickford’s son.


The other book says “When he was bad, he was horrid.” It’s got documents in it that show that Dexter wasn’t always the best child.


Okay, now that we have seen everything there is to see in the library it’s time to go. Go back out the vent and all the way down to the top of the elevator. Hmm…what is that noise?


There’s a lever that we didn’t see before. When you try to pull in Nancy will say “It’s stuck”. Use the oil can we got after Dexter fixed the radiator in Nancy’s room.


Go down the stairs. We can’t get by because the elevator is in the way.


Now, get back into the elevator through the hatch in the top. Go to Professor Hotchkiss’s room and give her the information about the model number of the elevator. (Note: if you tell her you don’t remember the question, she will give you a completely new question. The answers to all her questions can be found in the castle though) She tells you to meet her in the lobby between 3am and 6am. Go back to Nancy’s room and sleep until 3am.

When you wake up, go down to the sitting room. Professor Hotchkiss will be there. Talk to her about everything. She gives you an extra key to her room and tells you to go check it out.


Before we go to Hotchkiss’s room, let’s snoop around Dexter’s desk. Maybe we can find a key to the library! On his desk, there is a brown notepad with his to-do list in it.


Once you are done reading the to-do list, check out these drawers. Open the bottom left drawer and take the key.


Now, on to Hotchkiss’s room. When you enter, you will see her desk with her typewriter. Next to the typewriter, is her notepad with her notes on Marie Antoinette.


Continuing around the room, on her couch you can pick up the green pillow, but there’s nothing behind it.


Next, is her briefcase. There is a letter in it from a friend of Hotchkiss’s who is a distance relative of Marie Antoinette.


Next is Hotchkiss’s dresser. There is a camcorder on the dresser. Watch the video in the camcorder, but before the video is over the battery dies.


Take the battery out of the camcorder and place the battery on the charger.


That’s everything to see in Hotchkiss’s room. Go back downstairs and talk to Hotchkiss again. While we’re up…let’s try to get through that secret passage that was being blocked by the elevator.

Go to the main floor elevator and call the elevator to the main floor, but do not get in the elevator.


Turn around to the library door. Use the key we found in Dexter’s desk drawer to open the library door. Enter the library and the alarm sounds! Go forward twice and the turn around to the alarm keypad. Click 3 * 7 2. Now that you’re in and the alarm is off, go up to the vent and climb down to the secret passage lever. You can see now that the elevator is out of the way, so we should be able to get through.


At the bottom of the stairs is a random puzzle door. To solve the door you just pull the locks in the correct order. It’s always random.


Once through the door, you’ll hear a strange sawing sound. Follow the sound to find…


Jacques?! What is he doing?!


Talk to Jacques completely. He will tell you to go get a medallion out of his locker and he will meet you there. Before you go take the spear from the top of the axe on the suit of armor next to the gate.


Go up the long set of stairs to this door. So this is that outline of a door near the library.


Go to Jacques locker. He said his combination is 2665.


Look at the letter taped to the door and the stuff on the 3rd shelf you can look at.


Once you’ve looked at everything, take the blue medallion. Then someone knocks Nancy out!


Wake up in Nancy’s room to the phone ringing. Answer the phone. It’s Jacques asking about his medallion. Whoever knocked Nancy out must have taken it.


Once you’re done talking to Jacques, check the voicemail. You will have one from Dexter saying he wants to talk to you once you feel better and one from Hotchkiss saying she thinks someone has been in her room and that the key she gave you is not for sharing.


Go talk to Dexter. Admit to him that you were in the Queen’s tower. He won’t be mad, in fact, he’s very impressed with you and tells you where to find the key for the gate. Also ask him about Ezra’s private garden. He’ll tell you where to find the garden.

Head down to the basement and out the back door. When you get the No Trespassing sign, click on the left side of the screen to go around the side of the stone wall.


Uncover the gate and turn the center until you see E W. Then open the gate.


Notice the arrow and the statue head. We want the head of the statue turned around. Go up to the arrow and click until it’s pointing to the left. Pull back and you will see that the statue is turned around.


Go up to the statue and pull the lever. A secret compartment will open at the bottom of the statue with a box inside.


Pick up the box and use the key we got from the candle in Ezra Wickford’s secret room in the library. The box will open and there will be a red medallion inside. Take the medallion.


Now, head back toward the castle, but turn around and go to the ski shed.


At the work bench, see a key hanging next to the screwdrivers. Take the key.


Also, look at the piece of paper on the other side of the work bench. This is how to start the ski lift. Maybe this will come in handy later.


Go back inside and talk to Lisa. She says she saw Dexter heading out to the ski shed with a green ornament looking thing in his hands…another medallion maybe?

Go back out to the shed to the machine that doesn’t run the ski life. Eek a rat! Wait for our rodent friend to walk away, then take the medallion.


Try to go back inside…we’re locked out!


Go back to the ski shed. How can we get everyone’s attention? Turn on the ski lift! Go to the ski lift machine, there are 3 levers, all in the 1 position. Put the first lever in the 3 position, the second lever in the 2 position, and the third lever in the 4 position. Dexter will enter the shed and tell you to come inside.


When you’ve finished talking to Dexter, talk to Lisa, but don’t tell her you found the green medallion. Now, go talk to Jacques. He will be mad at you for losing his medallion.

Now, go to your room and set the alarm for 3am. Go to Hotchkiss’s room. Check under the green pillow again. Jacques blue medallion! Strange…


Now let’s finish watching the video on her camcorder. Take the battery off the charger and put it back in the camcorder and press the play button.


In the video, Hotchkiss uses a medallion in the stone circle room. Hmm….

It looks like there is a hole under the portrait of Marie Antoinette. Look through the hole.


Now take each medallion, put it over the hole and look through it.


I wonder what those symbols mean. Go talk to Hotchkiss. Make sure you ask her about Lisa. She says something like, that Leslie (Lisa) is a nice girl, but I told Chester (Dexter) that I would not need maid service during my stay here. I don’t know why she didn’t get the message. So Lisa has been the one going through the Professor’s room.

Since it’s still a good time for snooping and sneaking, let’s go back to the Queen’s tower since we have the key now. Go back through the library, through the vent and down to the random lock door. Use the key from the ski shed.


The first puzzle you come to is this chain puzzle. The second picture is what the chains need to look like to solve the puzzle.


After the chain puzzle is this table top puzzle. Move the pink piece to the left, then up. Move the blue piece down, then left, then up. Then move the yellow piece down, left, up, then left to its square. Move blue right, then down to its square. Finally, move pink right, down, then left to its square. (Note: I forgot to take a picture of this, this picture is from


Head up the stairs. Notice this square on the wall right before the door.


Open the door and enter the beautiful tower room. Enter the room and go forward until you are at the leaf puzzle.


Once you solve the puzzle, a compartment will open and there is a book inside. Take the book.


On you way out, notice the crest on the floor.


If it’s after 6am, go back to Nancy’s room and set the alarm for 3am. Go to the lobby and talk to Hotchkiss. Give her the journal and she says she will have to translated for you by 3am tomorrow. Go back to Nancy’s room and set the alarm for 3am again. Go to Hotchkiss and she tells Nancy that she has translated the entire journal and it’s in her room. Go to Hotchkiss’s room


Notice on the last journal entry about honor, courage, and loyalty.


So using the translator, we can translate the symbols from the peephole in the stone room and the crest on the floor in the Queen’s room.


According to the translated journal, courage is red, honor is blue, and loyalty is green


Go back to the Queen’s tower through the front door of the library. You will have to the chain puzzle again. Once in the Queen’s tower room, go up to the purple rose on the Marie Antoinette tile portrait and chip away the purple rose with the spear tip. Take the key inside.


Now, put the medallions in the correct spots (red on left, blue on right, green on bottom). Put the key we got from behind the rose in the center.


The diamond!


Then, the bad guy enters. They tell you they were planning to steal the diamond, but knew that Nancy would find the diamond so they let Nancy do all the work. They will pepper spray Nancy. Keep the bad guy talking so the pepper spray has time to wear off. The bad guy grabs the diamond…we have to stop them! Remember the square right outside the door on the stairs. Click the square! Part of the stairs will slide back into the wall and the bad guy will fall into a room under the stairs.


Good mystery solving detectives! On to the next case…





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