Nancy Drew #3 Message In A Haunted Mansion Walkthrough


In Nancy Drew #3 Message In A Haunted Mansion, you are in San Francisco helping out Rose, a friend of Hannah’s who has bought a Victorian mansion and is fixing it up to open as a bed and breakfast. Strange things have been happening and accidents are causing renovations to get behind schedule and no one can figure out the cause of the incidents.

A note before we begin: the mansion in this game is supposed to be haunted, so prepare yourself for some strange sights and sounds.

You start in Nancy’s room. There is a tapestry to the left of the door, click on it and Nancy will read it. Take note of the words in the lighter color.


Continue around the room to Nancy’s suitcase. Inside the suitcase is Nancy’s journal that she will update as the game continues.


Continue around to the fireplace and look at the green dragon on the mantle. Click on it and then click on the Chinese symbol. Nancy will say “When the ten daughters are reunited in order…” Daughters is one of the lighter words on the tapestry. This information might come in handy later.


Finally, go to the right side bedpost of Nancy’s bed and click on it. Nancy will say “It’s stuck”. We will find something later that will help us with this.


Now, go downstairs. Take the grand staircase and go down the left side stairs. As you start down the stairs, notice where this rope is being held in place on the wall. You will need to remember this for later.


Also notice that the stairs on this side creak. If you go up or down the stairs on the other side, they do not creak. This information will come in handy later.


Find Rose in the dining room.


After you talk to Rose completely, she will ask you to do the inlay puzzle on the floor behind her. Here’s the answer:


After you’ve finished the floor puzzle, continue looking around the dining room. On the table behind Rose, there is a magazine with a Victorian house on it. You can look it, but I don’t think it has any information we need in it.

On the buffet, there is a clipboard with everyone’s schedules on it. This will come in handy for when we need to talk to a specific person (or when we need to snoop in someone’s stuff)


We can also open a drawer on the buffet…


Inside this drawer is a letter saying that Rose has changed her fire insurance policy to have her house be insured for $1,000,000! Interesting. Also on this letter, click the red Chinese symbol. Nancy will say “When the bird of fire can see again…” Fire is another one of the words off of the tapestry. Now go back to Rose. She will give you another task.


She asks you to climb the ladder by the grand staircase on the second floor and scrape off the ruined ceiling tiles. She says you need to find a paint scraper or chisel, but she doesn’t know where Charlie (the handyman) keeps them. You will find the paint scraper in the entry room under a tray, under the scaffolding.


Now climb the ladder and use the paint scraper to scrape off the damaged ceiling tiles. There’s a secret door under the tiles, but we don’t have the key…yet!


Before we go back to talk to Rose, let’s go meet everyone else in the house. Abby is on the 2nd floor, in her bedroom. You can only talk to her a little bit. She will tell you she needs to prepare for the seance she is conducting tonight.


Next, talk to Charlie in the basement. You can’t talk to him much either. Talk to him about the accidents and set backs. He will tell you Rose was looking for you earlier and she might have something for you to do.


Before you go, look at everything you can in the basement. (Note: you can’t look at anything behind Charlie while he is there, but there are somethings behind him we need. We will have to come back while he is gone). The most important thing we can look at now is the piano. Click on the cabinet above the piano keys and Nancy will say “It’s stuck”.


On the way from the basement to talk to Louis in the library, notice that one of the phoenix heads near the grand staircase is missing an eye.


Talk to Louis. He doesn’t have much to say either.


Explore the library. There are several book we need to read in here. Hover your mouse over each section of bookcase, and if there is a book in that section you need to read, the magnifying glass will be outlined in red. There are also a few stacks of boxes and books that have books we need in them too.

When you come to this section of bookcase, you will move three red books and you will pick up the tile that was hidden behind them.


Here is a book about playing the piano. Maybe we need to play something on the piano in the basement.


Click on the 4 piece on the Mahjong table and Nancy will say “When the four-sided box loses its border…” Four is another word on the tapestry.


There is a book on Lizzie Applegate.


The fireplace is missing three tiles.


There is a book on reading music. Maybe this will help us with the piano puzzle.


On your way back to Rose, explore the room outside the library. In one cabinet, there is a fire extinguisher. I hope we don’t have to use that!


On the couch in front of the fireplace, there is a box with some very old papers in it. Look closely at two of the papers.


Then, in the side drawer on the desk with the phone on it, are two letters. What the letters say doesn’t matter, but take note of the paper the letters are written on.


Finally, look at the low coffee table in between the two single chairs. There is a book on the coffee table. The information in the book is not important to the game, but you can look at this book.


Now go back and talk to Rose. Nancy will try to tell her about the hidden door we found under the ceiling tiles, but she doesn’t want to hear about it. She will ask you to fix the broken dumbwaiter.

Go check out the dumbwaiter on the first floor. We need something heavy to tie to this rope. We will keep our eyes peeled for something to use.


Let’s go to Nancy’s room and see if something we have can pry open the bedpost.

Use the paint scraper to open the bedpost. There is a key inside. Take the key. Wait…I wonder if this is the key to the secret door? Let’s go find out!


Nope, no such luck.


For me, at this point, it was only 4pm in the game. So I went back to Nancy’s room, went to the alarm clock, and set the clock for 5pm. This means Louis and Charlie will both be gone. Let’s go check out the basement first.

Look at the piano seat…


Open the seat. There are some papers inside. Click on the Chinese symbol and Nancy will say “And hidden beneath a river of colors…” River is another word from the tapestry.


Continue around the basement. There is a grate at the bottom of the fireplace. Click on it and Nancy will say “It’s stuck”. Hmm, we will have to come back to this.


Go to Charlie’s toolbox. Take a screwdriver.


Go to the old cash register on the counter. Click on one of the buttons at the top right to open the register. Take the key. Click on the spiderweb to close the cash register.


This new key must be the key to the secret door!


We’re in! Once inside, look at everything you can look at. There’s a podium that is opened with the key from Nancy’s room.


Inside is a picture of Lizzie Applegate, a note from someone named E. Valdez, and a piece of music. Notice the notes with the circles around them. The book we read in the library tells us these notes are B, E, G, A, G


At the bottom, there’s two poems. Nancy says “Is there more to this music than what I’m seeing?” Hmmm I wonder what that means.


Continue around the room. There is a wooden box. Take the crowbar from inside the box.


Continue around the room. There is a chest. Open the chest. Inside is an iron. We can use the iron to fix the dumbwaiter!


Continue around the room. Look at the barrel with the glass bottles on it. On the barrel there is another tile. Take the tile.


Once you’ve looked at everything there is to look at, go to leave through the secret door. Oh no! The handle on the door breaks! Use the crowbar to pry the door open.


Go to the dumbwaiter on the first floor. Tie the iron to the rope and watch the iron pull the rope down.


Now, go to the dumbwaiter on the second floor. Take the third tile.


Also, look closely at the teacup. Nancy will say “When the eye of the Phoenix is in your hand…” Eye is another word from the tapestry.


Now, since it’s after 5 this mean that Louis is gone also. Let’s go snoop.

First, look at the fireplace. We now have the three missing tiles that go in the fireplace.


Once you have the tiles in the correct place, you will hear a click. Then pull the gold phoenix on the left.


Go inside the secret room. There is a painting of a little girl. Go close up to the painting.


Click the Chinese symbol next to child. Nancy will say “Listen my child to this story of dreams…” Child is another word from the tapestry.


Take the lantern from the ledge.


Go to the brick that is pushed out and click on it.


Slide the panel and see two holes. Click the holes.


Now we can spy on the library!


Come out of the secret room and go to Louis’s computer. We don’t know his password, so play the maze game. It will let you into the computer. (Once you click maze game, click “m” and you will get a map to show where you need to go)


Once you get into Louis’s computer, click on the key icon and you will see his passwords and combinations. Take note of the laptop password and the briefcase combination.


Now, check the time. If it is 6pm, go up to Abby’s room and knock on the door. She will say the spirits want to talk to you and you will be transported to the seance in the basement.


After the seance, you will be back in Nancy’s room. Look at the clock. It will probably be about 10:15pm. Let’s do some snooping. Go back down to the basement and look under the table where the seance took place. Take the cassette tape (I forgot to take a picture of this).

Next, use the crowbar on the fireplace grate. Use the lantern we took from the secret room in the library. It looks like someone has been living here!


Read the brown book that is open on the floor. Take the floppy disk on the floor by the books.


Look at the Chinese container. Click on the Chinese symbol and Nancy will say “The king of the sky will shine his ray…” King is another symbol for the tapestry.


Look at the postcard on the milk crate. It’s from Charlie to his parents. Charlie has been living here.


Now, let’s check out the piano. Remember the circled notes on The Bandit’s Treasure music. Play the notes B, E, G, A, G.


The cabinet will open. Take the ragged piece of paper at the bottom.


Go upstairs to the dining room. Check out the table where Rose sits. You can read her to-do list and a few letters. On the other side of the table, you can see she’s been painting things. Nothing to do there though.


Now, go to the secret ceiling room and look at the bottom of The Bandit’s Treasure sheet music. Put the piece of paper you got from the piano on top of the sheet music. The secret message is “Find Diego on stairs”


Finally, go to Louis’s computer in the library. Put Charlie’s floppy disk in the computer and then login. We now know the computer login so we don’t have to do the maze game again. Once you’ve logged in, click on the floppy disk icon and read the file.


Now, go to up to Nancy’s room and set the alarm for 1pm. Talk to everyone. I talked to Abby, Charlie, Louis, then Rose. When you talk to Abby, don’t tell her you know she faked the seance. Once you’ve talked to everyone, it should be about 3pm. That means Abby is gone. Let’s go snoop in her room.

There’s a book on her nightstand. You can read it.


Continue around the room to the cabinet. This cabinet has a strange lock on it. Hopefully we can find something to open it.


Continue around the room to this black jewelry box. There is a spider charm in this box that looks a lot like the lock on that cabinet. We should take the spider charm.


Continue around the room to this picture and click on it. It shows that the mirror in the hall is actually a two-way mirror that goes into Abby’s room.


Continue to Abby’s bookcase and read the book about the zodiac. Take note of the order the animals in book are in: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and Boar.


Continue around the room to the desk. Look in the desk drawer and look at the incense. Click on the Chinese symbol and Nancy will say “When the moon sleeps and the sun plays…” Moon is another word from the tapestry.


Go back to the cabinet and open it using the spider charm.


Go close up to the top machine and click all the buttons. These are all the weird sounds we’ve been hearing around the mansion. Go to the bottom machine and you can listen to the seance tape.


Make sure you put the spider charm back in the black jewelry box.


Go to the top of the grand staircase and look at the spindles. Turn the spindles until they say DIEGO.


Once the spindles say DIEGO a secret compartment will open. There is a letter and a gold Chinese symbol. Read the letter and take the symbol.


Go back up to Nancy’s room. Once you are in Nancy’s room, turn around to leave again and someone will slip a note under your door. Someone REALLY doesn’t want you here.


Go back into the hall and look at the air vent. Unscrew the screws with the screwdriver we picked up in Charlie’s toolbox. There’s a speaker in there. So that’s how Abby has been projecting all the “ghost” noises.


Now, go into the sitting room outside of the library. FIRE! Go get the fire extinguisher from the cabinet and put the fire out.


After you put the fire out, you will be talking to Rose. Once you are done talking to her, go check out the box of papers. Don’t those white pieces of paper look familiar?


Talk to Charlie, then Louis. Next, go talk to Abby. Uh oh! Abby and Rose are fighting. Listen to them fight. Let’s go make a phone call. Call Emily. Talk to her about everything. Now go to Nancy’s room and set your alarm for 5pm. Then go immediately to the library and into the secret room. Hmm Louis is up to something.


Once Louis is gone, go through his briefcase. Remember we got his briefcase code from his computer (It’s 4653 4868). Look at everything in his briefcase.


Call Emily again and ask her about Gum Bo Fu. She won’t know, but said she will ask around. Now, go talk to everyone about Gum Bo Fu. When you talk to Louis DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT tell him you read about it in a book. Tell him you read about it in a magazine.


Call Emily again. She tells you she is leaving for Mexico soon and she will find out about Gum Bo Fu before she leaves. Now go talk to Rose. She will tell you that you will be alone in the house for a while, that she took down one of the tapestries in you room, and that there is a letter for you in your room. To Nancy’s room we go!

The letter is from Emily about Gum Bo Fu! Gum Bo Fu means “Gold Treasure Mansion”. Louis told us it meant “House of Great Books”. Why would he lie? Click the first Chinese symbol and Nancy will say “Golden wonder…”


Go to the right of Nancy’s bed a see an uncovered piece of wall. Click the bottom piece of wall.


These are the animals we read about in the zodiac book in Abby’s room. Click the animals in this order.


Then you have to do this combination lock. The combination is the order of the words on the tapestry.


There are lots of things inside this safe.


What we care about is the gray pyramid. Put the gold piece we got from the stair puzzle into the pyramid.


The first puzzle is to turn the moons to suns.


Then a slider puzzle. You will get a red gem.


Put the red gym into the phoenix head that is missing an eye.


Use your crowbar to open the floor inlay.


Gold! Then you get knocked out by the bad guy! We’ve got to stop him!


Go up the stairs on your right (the silent stairs) to where the rope is tied up on the wall. Click on the rope three times. Watch what happens.

Good mystery solving detectives! On the the next case…


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