Finished Beauty Product

Bath & Body Works Cinnamon Caramel Swirl Wax Melts – Review


Bath & Body Works recently started selling wax warmers and wax melts. I told myself I wasn’t going to buy one, but the warmers (which are originally $20) went on sale soon after we put them out. I’ve used the wax warmers and melts from Walmart and wasn’t very impressed, so since it was on sale I thought “What the heck, might as well try it.” And I’m so so glad I did. I always felt like I could never smell the melts from Walmart, which is what disappointed me. BUT I can smell the melts from Bath & Body Works all through my house every time I plug my warmer in. I really want to put one of my Walmart melts in the Bath & Body Works warmer and see if that makes a difference in being able to smell them. I’ll let you know.


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