Book Review

There’s No Place Like Here by Cecelia Ahern


This is probably my least favorite Cecelia Ahern book I’ve read so far. This is about a woman named Sandy Shortt and she runs a missing persons agency. Ever since she was a child she has hated for things to be missing. Anytime something of hers went missing, no matter how big or small, she would have to turn her house upside down to look for it. This usually was no use and she would never find her missing item. What really sparked her interest in the missing things was when a girl on her street, Jenny-May Butler, went missing and was never found. This made Sandy wonder, is there a place where all the missing people and things go?  Sandy started going to see a counselor at her school to talk about her obsession with missing things. His name is Gregory Burton and Sandy finds him very attractive and enjoys talking to him. After high school, Sandy decides to go to the gardai academy (Irish police). After being a garda for a while, she decide to leave the force and open her own missing persons agency. She receives a call from a man named Jack Ruttle whose brother, Donal, has been missing for a year. She takes on the case, and she and Jack make an appointment to meet each other the next day outside the town he lives in. Sandy, who doesn’t sleep much, gets in her car to drive through the night to the town where she and Jack are meant to meet. Sandy arrives early in the morning and decides to go for a run. During her run she gets lost and wanders for two days before running into anyone. She realizes the four people she has run into are four teens that went missing in the 70s. They aren’t teenagers anymore and inform her that she is Here, the place where all missing things go. She bonds with one of the missing 70s teens, named Helena. Helena allows her to stay in her home with her and her husband. During her short time Here, Sandy meets many people she has been searching for for years. She makes a list of all the people in Ireland she’s every been hired to find and with the help of Helena makes a plan to meet with the missing people they can find. When Sandy doesn’t show up for their meeting, Jack becomes worried about her, even though all her family and friends he gets in touch with tell him it’s like her to go off on her own for days and weeks without telling anyone. But Jack is determined, because finding Sandy means Sandy can find his brother. Sandy eventually makes it out of here and, unfortunately, Jack finds out that his brother isn’t missing, but was in fact murdered and that Donal’s best friend had something to do with his murder.

The reason this book is my least favorite of the Cecelia Ahern books I’ve read is because in the end, only Sandy comes back from Here. All the other people she met and all the people she was working on cases for, didn’t get to come back from Here in the end. I really wanted a big reunion with all the people from the cases she was working on. During the course of the story, you learn a lot about quite a few different families she was working on cases for and you really start to feel for the families, so them not getting their happy ending like Sandy did really made me sad.


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