Book Review

If You Could See Me Now by Cecelia Ahern


This is probably one of my favorite Cecelia Ahern books I’ve ever read. I also think it’s one of the saddest Cecelia Ahern book I’ve ever read. This book is about a woman named Elizabeth who is a straight laced as they come. Everything has a place and everything should always been in its place. Everything in her life is always clean and in perfect order. The only thing Elizabeth can’t control and keep in order is her younger sister Saoirse. Saoirse is a free spirit and an alcoholic. She comes and goes as she please and doesn’t answer to anyone. This is proven very early in the book when we find out Saoirse had a child and decided she didn’t want to take care of it, so Elizabeth adopts her child, Luke. Elizabeth is a good caretaker, but she doesn’t exactly know how to take of a child. She’s very strict with Luke. He can’t be loud, he has a play room where all his toys have to stay. Because of this, Luke meets an imaginary friend named Ivan. Ivan is not a child like Luke, he is closer to Elizabeth’s “age” although he doesn’t actually age. Ivan has a very childlike personality though and is a great friend to Luke. At first, only Luke can see Ivan, but slowly, Ivan starts to realize that Elizabeth can hear him. At first she can only hear him occasionally, but as Ivan starts to follow Elizabeth around more, she starts to hear him more until she eventually begins to see him. According to the imaginary friend rules, if a person can see the imaginary friend, the imaginary friend has to help them no matter what. Elizabeth and Ivan’s relationship goes from friendship to a romantic relationship, but of course imaginary friends don’t last forever. Ivan realizes he can’t stay with Elizabeth forever and that she will eventually start not seeing him.

The last part of this book is heart-wrenching in my opinion. At the barbecue, when Elizabeth starts not being able to see Ivan and Ivan realizes Elizabeth is starting to not need him anymore is so so sad. I, of course, knew that the book would end this way, but I wanted them to be together so badly. Ivan was so good for Elizabeth. He taught her that it’s okay to let go and be free. I cried for Ivan at the end of this book.


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