Book Review

Rosie Dunne by Cecelia Ahern


This is a good book, but it’s not my favorite from Cecelia Ahern. This book is written through letters, emails, and instant messages which doesn’t bother me, but isn’t my favorite writing style either. This book is about two friends, Rosie and Alex. They have been friends since grade school and it follows them until they are in their 50s. Alex has to move to the United States with his parents while they are in high school and that just starts an awful chain of events in their lives. Rosie plans to go to college in America so she and Alex can be together again. Alex is supposed to come back to Ireland to go to the end of the year dance with Rosie, but because of a mess up with his flights, doesn’t make it back in time. Rosie ends up going with a boy named Bryan. She sleeps with Bryan and ends up getting pregnant. She decides to keep the baby and stay in Ireland with her parents instead of moving to America. That’s just the first of many times they miss each other in life. It’s very obvious from the beginning that Rosie and Alex are supposed to be together. There are so many opportunities in this book for them to profess their love for each other and they never do until the end of the book.

I enjoyed the movie a lot. First of all, Sam Claflin is just…everything. But in the movie, they sped up the events, so in the book the ending takes places when they are in their 50s, but in the movie they are in their 30s. They also took out a few characters and events that weren’t necessary to the overall story. For example: Alex had kids in the book and in the movie he didn’t have kids. In the book, Katie’s dad Bryan and Rosie’s later husband Greg are two different people, in the movie they are one person. There are a few other differences, but those are the two main ones.


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