Finished Beauty Product

Zoella Beauty Sweet Inspirations Fragranced Body Mist – Review


I love Zoella! If she puts her name on it, I will probably buy it. I have all 3 of her body mists and I just finished this one. Hearing her describe it in a YouTube video, I was super excited to get this. It is pretty hard to get here in the US, but I did find one website that sells her products and ships to the US without charging a ridiculous fee. I will link it below. She described this scent in the video as a sweet almond and macaroon type scent. To me, that sounds very warm and cozy. And that’s exactly what this scent is, BUT I was a little disappointed once I actually smelled it because it smells almost exactly like Warm Vanilla Sugar from Bath & Body Works. Warm Vanilla Sugar is a little bit on the spicier side and the Zoella scent is a little bit lighter, but I was pretty bummed.

The site I purchase Zoella products from is called Cloud10Beauty. Here is the link:


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