Disappointing Products

Bath & Body Works Blueberry Twist 3 Wick Candle – Review


This candle was a huge disappointment. I will say it smelled amazing. It’s described as “Sweet little blueberries pack a big fragrance punch in this creamy mix of whipped vanilla and coconut.” The problem I had with this candle was the way it burned. I have never had this happen with a Bath & Body Works candle ever. Here is what the candle looked like when I finally gave up on burning it.


I didn’t do anything differently than I usually do when burning a new candle. I trimmed the wicks like I always do and let the candle wax burn all the way to the edges the first time I burned it. The first time I burned it everything was fine, but once I got through the first layer of this three layer candle, things took a turn. First, one of the wicks wouldn’t stay lit for absolutely no reason. I didn’t notice until the area of wax around the unlit wick had already harden back up. That started to cause the tunneling. I tried to use my lighter to melt the hardened wax on the outside of the tunnels (which I’ve done before and it usually fixes any problems I’ve had) and I was able to get it all melted, but the next time I lit the candle, the wax immediately started to tunnel and again one of the wicks wouldn’t stay lit. So I decided this candle was just a dud and that it was time to move on.


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