Finished Beauty Product

Almay Eyeshadow Trio for Brown Eyes – Review


RIP to this old friend. This was probably the first eyeshadow trio I ever purchase. I’ve had this since probably my freshman year of high school (soooooo long ago). I know I should have gotten rid of this long ago, but I just couldn’t bare to part with it. The pink and cream shades are completely gone, but there’s a tiny ring of the brown color left which was actually my favorite of the three. The cream shade was just a basic tan-ish cream color, good for all over the lid or a brow bone highlight. The pink shadow was a cool toned pink that I was really into in high school, but probably wouldn’ wear much today. But the brown shade, oh the brown shade, was a beautiful bronzy brown with golden shimmer in it. It was a great all-purpose shade. It looked beautiful in the crease, beautiful on the lid, beautiful on the lower lash line. Just beautiful. That’s why I haven’t been able to part with it. But I just did all the makeup for my best friends’ wedding and used this color on everyone and I noticed that this shadow is getting harder to get onto the brush because there’s so little left in the pan.

Here’s what the shadow looked like when it was new:



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