Book Review

The Strangest Adventures Trilogy by Alexandra Adornetto – Review

I’ve been on a serious reading kick lately and (not so) recently I read “The Strangest Adventures Trilogy” by Alexandra Adornetto. The first book I ever read from her was Ghost House and loved it so I thought I’d see what else she had written. She has this trilogy and another trilogy so I thought I’d check them both out.

I know this is a children’s series, but I was looking for some easy reads since I hadn’t done much reading lately and thought this might be perfect, but to be honest I kind of struggled through the first book and didn’t even actually read the second or third book I just google a spoiler-filled plot summary. If I was a child reading this series, I think I would have loved it. It was very fantastical and full of whimsy, but as an adult I could definitely tell this was a child series written by a child (she was only 13 when she started writing this series which is pretty freaking amazing). This series wasn’t bad I just definitely wasn’t its target audience.


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