Book Review

The Replacement by Brenna Yovanoff – Review


Ugh this book. This book is about a small town with a dark secret. On the outskirts of this small town there is an underground society full of weirdos and monsters basically. Once every few years, the underground society steals a baby from the town and sacrifices it to the “queen” of the underground society (this book was so bad I don’t remember any names or many details about the book, so sorry I’m being vague). When the underground society steals a child, they leave a replacement, a child from the underground. The replacement usually dies soon after it’s left above ground, but one child survives, our main character Mackie. Long story short, Mackie tries to put an end to the baby stealing.

This book was awful. I couldn’t stand the writing. I was going to listen to it on audiobook, but the person who was reading it was creepy sounding and I couldn’t listen to him. I forced myself to finish this book.

Mackie was awful. He was so emo all the time I could hardly stand it. The writer honestly didn’t make me care about any of the characters. I wasn’t invested in any of them so I pretty much didn’t care what happened to anyone.

Another disappointment was I purchased this book because it was on a list of “all-time scary books” or something like that I found on Pinterest. This book wasn’t scary at all. The cover looks so awesome and scary and the book is so disappointing.


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