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The Razorland Series by Ann Aguirre – Review

I loved this series and was honestly extremely sad when I closed the last book (then I found out it’s not quite over! But more on that later). I first heard about this series when one of my favorite YouTubers, Elle Fowler talked about it in one of her Glitterature videos. She said it was similar to The Hungers Games and those sort of dystopian books. I looked into the series online and thought it sounded a lot like my favorite video game, Fallout 3. That was the main reason for reading the first one the first time. The first one was an easy read and I finished it quickly. Then I didn’t read the rest of them. But I recently reread the entire series including books 0.5 and 1.5 (available on Kindle and probably Nook as well), then I found out there was also a 2.5. I looked into it and only found 2.5 on Scribd  ( It’s only 16 pages long, but it’s Fade’s point of view on a scene from the second book. Then I quickly devoured the last book.

This series is about a girl named Deuce. She lives in the subway tunnels of what I believe is (used to be) New York City. She lives in a small village (called an Enclave) named College. In College, you can become one of three professions, a breeder, a builder, or a hunter. Deuce is a hunter, partnered with the only person in the College enclave who was not born there, Fade. Fade is a loner, no one really trusts him because he was not born in the enclave but instead found his way to them after living Topside (above ground) when he was a child. The main villain in these books are the Freaks (they seem to be similar to zombies). They hunt and kill without mercy or reason.

In the enclave if you break their rules, you get sent on the “long walk”. You are banished from the enclave and made to fend for yourself. Deuce takes the blame for her friend who is accused of a crime he didn’t commit and she is forced to go on the long walk. Fade goes with her and eventually they end up Topside. Through their travels, they end up in a town called Salvation. In Salvation, they learn of a greater threat from the Freaks called the Horde. The Horde is a large group of Freaks who only care about killing of all the humans left in the few settlements in the area. Deuce and Fade put together an army to fight the Horde and restore peace to the area.

My opinion: I really enjoyed this series, it was a very easy read. There is lots of fighting, lots of talk about blood and gore, but it’s not overly graphic either in my opinion. You know from the get go that that is what you’re going to be reading about. My only complaint about the books as a whole is that some of the things Deuce thinks about or talks about are a bit repetitive. For instant, the number of times she references the blind brat from Nassau and how guilty she feels about him. By the third book I was thinking “Alright already we get it, you feel guilty about him.” The third book are where my other (very small) complaints (really just annoyances) come up. The first is the first time they had sex was lack luster. Aguirre does such an amazing job of describing how passionate Fade and Deuce are about each other in every other kissing/private moment scene that I thought the scene where they first have sex was pretty much non-existent. (I know this is a YA novel, so I not looking for a porn scene or 50 Shades of Gray description, but it was literally they were kissing, it was mentioned that their clothes came off, it was hinted that they had sex, and then they were cuddling). My second complaint is that Tegan was totally missing from the epilogue. I wanted to know what happened to her at least a little. Like did she end up with Morrow or did she stay with Dr. Wilson. But I saw that Aguirre is releasing another book (not sure if it will be a full novel or a short story) in 2017 with Tegan’s story in it, so that’s most likely why she was left out of the epilogue.

I will say Deuce is pretty much a bad ass in this series and it seriously made me want to be a bad ass too. While readying this serious I was telling myself “I’m going to workout and get in shape and be able to run long distances like her.” That surprising (not) hasn’t happened yet, but I do still want to be like Deuce.


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