Book Review

The Halo Trilogy by Alexandra Adornetto – Review


I enjoyed the first two books a good bit (I read the first one a while back, and then listened to them both on audiobook), but when it came time to read the last one…I just didn’t want to honestly. I ended up googling a spoiler synopsis for the last book, so I know what happens, I just didn’t want to read it. I think it was mostly because 1. Beth annoyed me. I felt like she was selfish. She was always getting herself and others into trouble because she just did whatever she wanted to, despite people telling her it was a bad idea or she could get hurt or whatever. And then guess what…whatever the person said would happen happened and Beth would be like OMG I feel so bad I didn’t know anything bad would happen blah blah blah. And 2. Beth and Xavier were just too mushy gushy for me. In the first book it wasn’t as bad and I actually enjoyed reading about their developing relationship, but trying to read the three books back-to-back…they eventually just made me want to gag, especially for being fresh out of high school in the last book. I honestly preferred Jake and was honestly rooting for them to be together even though he was technically the bad guy. I felt they balanced each other out. Beth and Xavier are both just over the top goody-goodies and Jake put some balance in (and I don’t remember him doing anything SUPER bad except trying to kill the angels…maybe I’m just blocking it out because I liked him more than Xavier). Even though I feel like I’ve given this series a kind of stinky review, I don’t dislike this series and I do really like Alexandra Adornetto as an author. I might try to reread this series in the future.


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