Finished Beauty Product

Bath & Body Works Hawaii Passionfruit Kiss Aloe Gel Lotion (Travel) – Review


This lotion was amazing. I really wish I bought the full size instead of just the travel size. These gel lotions came out in Bath & Body Works summer collection last year. This year’s summer collection was similar to last years, but they didn’t bring back the gel lotions, which was very disappointing.

This lotion is very smooth and silky, it didn’t feel like regular lotion. It was very cooling and would be great after a day out in the sun, especially if you got a bit of a sunburn. The smell was lightly floral and very pleasant. I’m usually not a floral person, but I did really like the floral scent of this lotion. If they ever bring these back out I will definitely repurchase the full size of this lotion. This bottle costs $5, but they were included in the regular 3 for $12 sale Bath & Body Works always has on their travel size body care.


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