Book Review

A Series Of Unfortunate Events Series by Lemony Snicket – Review

A Series of Unfortunate Events. Complete set of 13 volumes + Promotional Items [SIGNED BY HELQUIST AND INSCRIBED BY SNICKET] by Snicket, Lemony (Author); Brett Helquist (Illustrator)
I recently read the entire A Series of Unfortunate Events series. The story is about the three Baudelaire orphans, whose parents die in a fire. The children are first sent to live with their closest “relative”, Count Olaf. Olaf is only after the Baudelaire fortune and tries to scheme his way to the fortune. The children are constantly shipped off to live with person after person who aren’t actually their relatives, but Count Olaf always finds them and is always scheming. Along the way, the children realize their parents were in a secret society and try to solve the mystery behind VFD.

I first started reading this series in the 6th grade and had attempted a few times to reread the series, but never actually finished it. I usually made it to book 7 and then would start book 8 and would always stop. The series really really starts to drag for me at book 8 and it’s really hard for me to continue the series, hence the reason I haven’t finished it before now. Again, while I was reading the series this time, it started to drag at book 8, but I FORCED myself to finish it. I was struggling though and ended up listening to the last 3 or 4 books on audiobook to get through them faster.

I love this series even though, like I’ve said, it starts to drag for me around book 8, but I was EXTREMELY disappointed with the ending. I won’t spoil it, but I just felt like “That’s it? I’ve read 13 books and THAT’S how it ends?!” It was seriously one of the worst endings to a book/book series ever. I just felt so let down by it.

So although I love this series and always will, I probably won’t ever read it again because of the drag at book 8 and the horrible ending.


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